Professional Standards Essay

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Professional Standards

Meta tags are used in many ways to promote accessibility and search engine optimization. They are usually placed between the <head> and </head> tags. With these tags is where you place the description of your website. It can also be used to place the name of the author of the site. When you go onto a search engine to search for something the search engine looks for these tags to bring up the search results. Let’s say you are doing a website on something like fleece blankets. You could place this in the fleece blankets in the Meta tag and when someone is looking for that item it will bring it up on the search results. The Meta tags usually consist of 20 to 25 words so that when you are in Google and you type in fleece blankets this paragraph describing your site will appear. Some search engines only use their own Meta tags like Google. This was done because when it first started out many adult websites would appear when you were searching for something that was not adult oriented.

You first have to check the different search engines to make sure you are using the correct Meta tags. Also on Google you site can boost the page ranking. The more the page ranking the higher on the search results your site will appear. This makes it easier to promote your website when used correctly. The importance of professional standards in web development is to make the internet a safer and better place for everyone that uses it. When we use these standards it makes it easier to ensure that your website will display properly in the many different browsers that are out there. Also, search engines are able to access your site and index.

It also ensures that it can access properly other program codes used on your site like JavaScript. With these standards we have to think about accessibility for those individuals with disabilities. I know we covered this I think in the first class about accessibility standards being a must if you want to ensure that everyone can benefit from your website. The standards were created by the World Wide Web Consortium to help developers make their site the best it can be.

I see now why when we do the web site validation that it looks at the coding we have done against the standards to ensure they are correct. I think if we all make sure that our sites are coded to standards it also gives the search engines easier accessibility to your site for those searching for your type of content. The most important W3C standards are HTML, CSS, XML, XSL and DOM (“Web Standards”, 2012). On the website it lists the information and links to the W3C website.

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