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Professional Speaker

Our speaker, Dr. Derek R. Lane, Associate Dean of the College of Communications & Information Studies presented on June 27, 2008 this report to educate the University of Kentucky on the need to reinvent undergraduate education. The University of Kentucky has a dream to make it the University of Kentucky Dynasty that means the University is aspiring more improvements and developments for the University especially for the undergraduates. From the presentation, we can see how the University is performing in terms of the number of enrollees since 1997.

This paper is intended to critique Dr. Derek’s proposition on reinventing Undergraduate Education. The focus of the critiquing is on three items, these are content, structure, and delivery. Body Content I will give a rating of 6 for the content of the presentation. The content presented is very rich in information about the University of Kentucky. Should the audience are not from the University of Kentucky, the data presented are very helpful in acquiring information about the University. Another attracting content of the presentation is the many awards of the University of Kentucky.

The content is organized. It started with the many achievements of the University. The data presented is also backed up with valid researches. The organization and the research-based data are just two of the many indications that this paper was well-prepared. The presentation has clearly stated how the current University of Kentucky is to prepare for the adoption of the changes. The 10 Ways to Change Undergraduate Education and the 7 Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education are good tips for the University to kick off the reinvention.

These tips are clear and specific instructions of what an ideal Undergraduate Education is. Structure I will give the Structure a rating of 6 percent. The PowerPoint Presentation is easy to understand. It uses deductive reasoning: from general to specific. The first few pages of the presentation were about general information on the University of Kentucky. The latter part is where the data explaining the benefits of reinventing the undergraduate education is listed. The presentation also started with an outline. This outline serves as the guide for both the presenter and the audience.

This outline gives the audience a bird’s eye view of what to expect throughout the presentation. Delivery I will give a rating of 6 percent to the way the presentation was delivered. The statistical data, the 10 Ways to Change Undergraduate Education, and the 7 Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education are some of the highlights of the presentation. The statistical data presented at the start of the presentation is an effective method to inform the audience of the current standing of the University of Kentucky.

Dr. Derek R. Jane has a wide and complete knowledge about the proposed reinvention of the University of Kentucky. Knowledge on the subject is very necessary so that any questions that might pop out during the presentation will be accurately and boldly answer by the presenter, in this case, Dr. Jane. Conclusion Overall, the average rating of the paper presented is 6. Not perfect, but almost gearing perfectness. The goal now is how to put into action these principles presented. Dr. Jane was able to disseminate the needs for the developments of the University of Kentucky.

The number 5 way to change Undergraduate Education is the strong need to develop communications skills among the students in the reinvention of the Undergraduate Education. Not only in communication skills but also the importance of the inclusion of technology in the Undergraduate Education. If change is desired, it will surely happen and success will follow. However, the data and discussion in this paper is not the only possible way in achieving a successful Undergraduate Education.

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