Professional Responsibilities Legislation Essay

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Professional Responsibilities Legislation

“Teachers must meet their professional responsibilities consistent with the institute’s (IFL’s) professional values.” (IFL) One of the IFL’s many codes of professional practice. Upholding the code of conduct and relevant legislation is the basis for you as a teacher. Among the legislature you need to understand is the importance of the health and safety act (1974) – it says all workers are entitled to work in a safe environment where risks are properly controlled. The HSWA act is also the umbrella under which more specific regulations such as the Manual handling act 1992 (amended 2002) are made. Another fundamental element of workplace health and safety management – and also a legal requirement – is RIDDOR; the reporting of injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences regulations 1995.

Also of great importance – the childcare act 2006, it stipulates every child should get the support they need to be healthy, safe, and enjoy and achieve economic wellbeing. As a teacher you also need to have your own professional values – views, beliefs that will underpin your profession. “A good teacher is more than a lecturer.” (AMEE 2000) You are no longer a dispenser of information or a walking tape recorder but instead you are a facilitator or manager of the students learning. You are there to ensure all learners have access to the same resources, the same support and you don’t differentiate – instead embrace and respect people’s differences and their choices. You are there to guide them, provide information and offer suggestions. But it has to be a 2 way process, by helping them you will also develop your skills because “teaching is itself a learning process for the teacher” (Joyce, Showers 2002).

Everyone is different and you need to be prepared and have contingency plans for all levels of knowledge and skill – you will find bored students make bad students. They don’t just have a variety of levels but also different learning styles, be sure to have a mix of kinaesthetic, visual and audio resources. You can use handouts with the camera instructions on, a video showing how it works, and then let them try themselves. It is your responsibility to ensure all students no matter how diverse are given equal learning opportunities – that means assuming different roles. So for Learner X (names are confidential) you need to be firm, authoritative, Learner Y asks a lot of questions – be prepared to listen and summarise, Learner Z needs more encouragement.

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