Professional Organizations of the Counseling Profession

There are a number of innate professionals and organizations that support and promote advancement to their particular profession by forming organizations centered around the sustainment and improvement of their skills and knowledge in many disciplines. In this paper, the psychology field and organizations were the subjects of how past and present scholars used their knowledge and skills to protect the authentically, credibility and reliability of the psychology profession and matters pertaining to the field. These organizations utilized resources for current practitioners and scholars of the field of psychology; however, these organizations are resources for psychology students to develop their skills and knowledge for their career development, academic development, and exploration of becoming licensed to practice.

Therefore, this paper provides the reader with resources of psychological associations that the writer is interested in becoming a member of and promoting and improving their career goals.

American Psychological Association (APA)

The American Psychological Association (APA) was founded by a group of determined and ambitious men in July 1982 at Clark University, Worchester, MA (website: https://www.

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Hire writer With more than 121,000 members, the American Psychological Association (APA) is one of the biggest and the most “leading scientific and professional organization representing psychology in the United States” (Website: https:// The work and mission of the APA are to use science and knowledge-based approaches to emphasize the psychological growth of society and to improve lives. The APA does this by incorporating psychology in everyday life to positively influence people’s lives and elevating APA’s impact to develop and apply psychology not only in the United States but all over the world.

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Another mission for the APA is to continue advancements and studies that would be beneficial for the psychology field. The APA uses empirical methods that consist of observing, recording, collecting, and studying or interpreting. The APA organization is instrumental in evidence-based life applications, and they set standards in psychological research to expand and grow (Website maybe).

Membership Benefits and Values

Participation as an APA member is encouraged by access to many resources. This includes but is not limited to research papers, publications, discoveries of new trends and news relevant in the psychology world, historical publications, and research databases (website: American Psychological Association, n.d). All of these resources for the members of the APA organizations help to benefit from improving their member’s knowledge and growth as they keep abreast of new developments and information. APA members also get to enjoy other additional savings opportunities and benefits that consist of discounts on products and services, such as car rentals, financial services, and office supplies (Website: The APA also integrates training, teaching, and improvement to inculcate mentees. The APA organization promotes the value of professional excellence, improvement, leadership skills, and instilling the importance of lifelong learning to psychologists and other mental health professionals.

American Counseling Association (ACA)

The American Counseling Association (ACA) was founded in 1952 and was initially known as the American Personnel and Guidance Association (APGA) (Website: According to Sangganjanavanich and Reynolds (2015), “The American Counseling Association (ACA) is the largest nonprofit professional and educational organization that enhances the quality of life in society by promoting the development of professional counselors and promoting respect for human dignity and diversity through counseling” (p.246). The ACA solely represents their members consisting of certified professional counselors, counseling students, and other mental health professionals in the United States (Website: The ACA headquarters is in Alexandria, Virginia, with over 50,000 members, which includes professionals counselors not only located in the United States but also resides in 50 other countries, including the Philippines, Europe, Latin America, and the Virgin Islands (Website: The ACA members consist of professional counselors that have a specific specialty, interest, focuses, and come from different psychological practices, such as child and adolescent counseling, marriage and family counseling, and other mental practice frameworks. Continued education is one tenet of the ACA mission. The APA achieves this by supporting counselors, Improving the counseling discipline, championing counseling as a profession.

Memberships Benefits and Values

The ACA organization provides its members with benefits that can reduce their cost in books, health insurance, liability insurance, travel expenses, and rental cars. ACA members have the tools to enhance their practice’s concerning risk management and have the support of counseling and consultations from an attorney in case of legal issues (Website: The ACA supports both undergraduate and graduate students active in their pursuit of counseling programs by providing several scholarship programs. They use these to ensure quality counselors are being elevated. Through a process of selection, training, and promotion with yearly awards and recognitions. One award that the ACA gives is the Don Dinkmeyer Social Interest Award, which “recognizes an individual or organization making a significant contribution in the counseling field in support of families and family members” (Website: Another example is the Courtland C. Lee Multicultural Excellence Scholarship Award, which “is presented to a graduate student in counselor education whose dedication and academic work demonstrate excellence in the theory and practice of multicultural counseling” (website:

Child Welfare League of America

The Child Welfare League of America (CWLA) was established in January 1921 and has been an organization fundamental for American child welfare (Website: The CWLA consist of a diverse group of public and private organizations that cater to children and family services. CWLA has over 400 members that represent not only all 50 states in the United States, but the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda (website: CWLA is also influencing individuals and organizations internationally as well to ensure the protection of all children and families worldwide (Website: According to the Child Welfare League of America (CWLA), their primary mission is to “make children, especially our most vulnerable children, a priority in the United States. To do that, we must engage all Americans in promoting the well-being of children and young people and protecting them from harm” (2016)(Website: The CWLA focuses on supporting children and youth who have unfortunately been through hardships. Examples of difficulties include neglect, physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, and any other disruptions or factors that may be influencing their behaviors and affecting their well-being, either mentally, emotionally, or physically. The CWLA organization envision that America’s

“families, neighborhoods, communities, organizations, and federal state and local governments work together to ensure that all our children have the opportunity to grow up healthy and strong” (website: The CWLA accomplishes this by the community coming together on the same goals, sharing ideas, and working in a collaborative approach with different organizations to ensure the safety of the children and youth of America (Website:

Memberships Benefits and Values

The Child Welfare League of America (CWLA) provides its members with discounts for accreditations and state associations memberships, networking opportunities, access to the Child Welfare Journal, opportunities to continue training and education about helping our children and youth, and even employment opportunities (Website: ). CWLA members have the chance to become a member of GrantStation. GrantStation is an organization that offers “nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and government agencies the opportunity to identify potential funding sources for their programs or projects as well as resources to mentor these organizations through grant seeking process” (Website:


In the psychology field, there are always new information, studies, training, and skills that help with improving and developing the psychology profession. It is not only imperative for current counseling professionals by also psychology students to stay present with up to date news, trends, studies, and other information that is relevant to the psychology field, to improve their knowledge to remain relevant, effective, and credible. As a psychology student, there are opportunities to become a member of these psychology organizations. Many of these credentialing organizations provide discounted rates for current students. They also offer a wide variety of benefits like professional and career development, networking, community involvement, and academic and career guidance.

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