Professional Growth Plan Essay

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Professional Growth Plan


1. Linking with the school, community while serving as a mediator of culture (TPE 14)

2. Developing as a professional educator (TPE 13).

Growth goals and objectives:

· I will continue to link my classroom with issues affecting the community and promote equality.

· I will improve my teaching techniques by evaluating, and reflecting on my teaching practices.

· I will ensure that my class is interesting and that informative.

· I will develop an effective teacher-student communication in my class.

· I will ensure that the class is as participatory as possible and that the students are actively involved in the learning process.

Procedures and Activities:

1. During Cesar Chavez birth day, I invited a special speaker to my classroom. She has had the opportunity of working with Cesar Chavez for many years. Her name is Micaela Saucedo and as I found out, the experience she has gotten from working with Cesar Chavez was incredible! For one, the students were really interested in her and intrigued by Cesar Chavez personal life. Because of the success of the speech she gave, I have decided that I will continue inviting Michaela to my classroom to deliver more talks. Furthermore, as we know that more than ten-million people live in the U. S without legal documents.

Their reasons for migrating to America are complex are they are also different. However, most of us would agree that immigrants risk their lives crossing the border in order to come to the U.S. Generally, they migrate with the hope of creating a better future for themselves and their loved ones back home. Nonetheless, these undocumented people live in constant fear of being arrested, jailed and deported.

The question to ask here is why is it this way? The answer maybe obvious for others, but for Micaela Saucedo the answer is a just the nature of the immigration policy. Personally, she is involved in helping migrant workers and recently became the director of Casa Refugio Elvira where they provide shelter to deported children and women. The idea of bringing her to my classroom is to let the students learn how to view the issue from two different points and not just one. Micaela can be contacted at:

In addition, Friday May 16, Dolores Huerta will be in ___. I will be attending this special event since she will be talking about a lot of issues affecting our society today.

Finally, for my teaching next semester, I will contact ex director of Human Trafficking and Equality to come to our school to give a talk in my classroom about the differences in Human Trafficking and Human Smuggling and the effects it has on our society. As wells as a talk about the issue of discrimination in our school system.

By inviting important people to my classroom, I intend to create a social consciousness in my students. I believe that it will also allow them to think critically and understand situations that surround them.

2. Apart from this, I will also improve my teaching methods by video recording my teaching at least twice a semester and later on evaluate and critically reflect on it. I was thinking of video recording my teaching style during the second week of the semester and during the middle of the semester and compare the changes that I have made. The questions I will ask myself include; what was changed? What did not change? Why? After this, I will continue striving at improving it instead of not paying attention to it. I believe teachers should constantly change teaching methods so that students do not get bored with the same teaching style.

However, as I figured, video recording myself and reflecting on it may not be sufficient. Consequently, I have ordered The New Teacher Book which is published by Rethinking Schools. From what I understand, this book offers guidance of how to connect well with the students and the community. Also, I will subscribe to Rethinking School magazine so that I am will be informed about ways of improving my teaching techniques and also to be aware of what is happening in the nation with regards to education.

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