Professional Goals Essay

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Professional Goals

I am very interested in getting a scholarship from the BMCC Foundation, Inc. so that I could specialize in multimedia arts and design. My interest in arts and design begun when I was young, which was the time that I realized that I love colors. Since my childhood days I would spend much time looking at, and admiring, the layout in magazines. I used to imagine how it might feel to be working as a professional designer, who spends a lot of time in being creative and being successful in advertising.

Aside from my passion for the course, my personal circumstances also dictate that I excel in my chosen profession. I come from a Lebanese international university where I was a graphic design student. However, I was only able to complete 16 credit units and I got a GPA of 3.97. Unfortunately, I had to work as a part-time cashier in a restaurant, and I was not able to finish my studies. I learned that trying to do both working and studying takes its toll on my body. I realized there was not enough time to excel in both fields, and I had to give up my job. My dream of becoming an artist and designer someday dictates that I prioritize my studies over my job. Thus, financial help from the foundation would really be helpful for my studies.

Sadly, my family is in no position to help me financially, as I have 2 sisters and a brothers similarly supported by BMCC Foundation, Inc., and my mother who supports us earns so little. Thus, financial help that could provide for additional books and transportation would do a world of difference in my studies. If granted a full scholarship, I promise and intend to finish the course in the shortest time possible through deep dedication in my studies. Indeed, I hope to finish the course by fall of 2008 so I could pour my creative energies to my work.

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