Professional Ethics Statement: Ethical Foundations Essay

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Professional Ethics Statement: Ethical Foundations

Ron Brown’s your ethical framework and principles are to make amends where possible. Ron Brown must employ the ethics of being concerned for others, empathetic, responsible, accountable, grateful, motivated, and seek God’s grace which will be my only salvation. These character traits shape the makings of the best ethical position which will amount to Ron Brown’s success with mankind and God. Personally, when dealing with people Ron Brown’s ethical view consists of respect, consideration, gratitude, acknowledge of boundaries, cooperation, and honesty, trustworthiness, and kindness influences Mr. Ron’s perception of the people when working with and teaching. These are the area that warrant more care and affect differently the body

Many individuals feel sucked into the black-hole or the abyss of empty ethics following a leaders’ vision to personally survive. Michael Joseph’s video suggested that ethics is more likely pushed aside when it comes to complying with an organizational culture. Many of the individuals feel sucked into the black-hole or the abyss of empty ethics to personally survive. This is the body of “everyday, ordinary life” as Palmer (2004) states there is absorption of jobs where people are working to pay bills, there is a limit on achieving dreams, constant making excuses, the world responsibilities carried on the backs of all human beings. Here it is, sitting in a mess without true deliverance.

For example, rationalizations may appear when instructors may take off points on a graduate student’s paper only due to the fact that it was late. Maybe the student did not understand the due date. The ethical sticking to the policy even if it hurts the student represent a higher education’s established ethics despite the destruction of a students moral and grade.

Particularly when a student first starts the online venture, the student is not quite sure of all of the procedures. When the ethics of the company or organization fails the people then it is time to reconsider the restructuring of the ethic that hold the mortar of future education and survival of Americans in the world work market (Bonhoeffer, 1995; Palmer, 2004; Borgmann, 2006; Butterfield, 2003). The body of “everyday, ordinary life” is laden with a heavy exoskeleton.

This imaginary yet invisible shell that Ron Brown hides serves to temporarily protect, excrete, sense, support, feed and act as some supportive barrier against terrestrial organisms and desiccation (Butterfield, 2003). Exoskeletons serve to establish defenses from predators, pests and protection from unwarranted possible invasions while clinging to fear. People not comprehending my plight as an artist, musician, scholar, free mind in an over structured society holding fast to their rubrics of life, yet unforgiving and judgmental.

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