Professional ethics and human relations in school Essay

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Professional ethics and human relations in school

“Leaders who lead by knowing and doing what is right”

The above statement encompasses and summarizes my vision for professional ethics and human relations in school administration and supervision for year 2020. Let me elaborate on my definition of the words/ statements which I have included on my vision.


This means that administration and supervision in the future is about understanding the conventions, context, traditions and beliefs but is not bound by them. He influences process by inducing best practices gained through benchmarking, studies and observations. He stimulates change in subordinates’ attitudes and values and also tries to augment followers’ self-efficacy. He fulfills his duties and responsibilities stated by the organization at the same time compromising it with what is dictated by the situation.


The ethical leader does what is right. He leads the way and inculcates fairness, pluralism and inclusion in the organization. No one is left behind. He articulates a vision that connects to the shared experiences of the members of the organization. He live with integrity and fosters the values it espouses. The leader also invests wisely. He trains future leaders and help those who have the potentials. He is not confined with the norms of nepotism and favoritism. Everyone is treated equally. The ethical leader also guards his heart. He does not allow his emotions to cloud his judgment and thinking. He also exercises humility. Fame, power and fortune does not hinder him from mingling with fellow workers and developing harmonious relationship with them. Despite his position, he maintains camaraderie with everyone in the organization. An organization led by leaders who are ethical and who has good human relations encourages everyone to believe—-believe in oneself, on others and in the whole organization.

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