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Professional Deer Hunting

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 6 (1340 words)
Categories: Food, Hunting Animals
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I am literate when it comes to deer hunting, from food that deer prefer to visit, to the type of cover they favor, all the way to how they use the wind to their advantage while traveling from destinations. As a young hunter, new to the sport I was out on a cold windy day trying to harvest my first deer when I fell asleep waiting on an opportunity for a shot. I was resting my head against the tree; I was awaken from the brisk wind whipping across my face.

Once I opened my eyes I realized that there were a few deer in the field, quit close to where I was positioned. Knowing that they were within range to take a shot, I slowly raised my gun and got on target steading myself to make that first shot count. Realizing they hadn’t realized my presence in the area I gently squeezed the trigger instantly knowing I had made a good shot as she turned to run and dropped in her tracks.

As the years have past the more I have learned about hunting and all the things that go along with it. I have been in eight different states hunting over the past ten years and have had the opportunity to harvest numerous trophy deer in most of the states I have visited. It takes knowing how deer think, and what they like as far as food and times they like to move the most through out the day. At different times of the year deer prefer different food sources, usually they tend to go straight for the greener food than anything else.

In 2008 I was hunting here in Indiana late in the winter over a good food source that the deer had been visiting every night for numerous days. I had been watching them from a distance to see what time they were coming into the field and what deer were coming out, I knew that there were some nice bucks (male deer) that were frequenting this particular food plot. In knowing that I set up in a good position to get a shot down wind from the trail they were coming in from, knowing they wouldn’t smell me I sat and waited for the right deer to enter the field.

Luck had it that the buck that I had my eyes on for a while came out and worked his way across the field like I had anticipated. Standing with in range out in the wide open I waited until he turned broadside and took a shot, as he turned to run he instantly dropped in his tracks. At that time I realized I had just shot my third record book buck in the past 5 years, a task that most hunters wont accomplish once in their entire lives.

When its not hunting season I am working on planning food plots and scouting for new places to hang tree stands. I mainly focus on hunting areas where two woods narrow down and connect to each other also known as a pinch point, deer like to use them to travel from one woods to another. Other places that I tend to focus on are thick cover where the deer like to bed and spots they frequently visit to feed throughout the day and night. When I do hunt near their bedding areas I try to sit off of it and not get to close so that I don’t spook them in which case the would take off and would stay away from the area for awhile. On the other hand, when ever I am hunting destination food plots I will get right on top of them to insure I can be within bow range to where they inter the field in the mornings and evenings to feed.

In hunting for a number of years, I have learned a lot about hunting deer. All you need is a good cover, food, and water and you should have deer coming out of the wood work at all times of the day. Other than those big old mature deer where the majority of their movement occurs at might, which makes them so hard to kill during day light hours. Its all about being out in a tree stand as much as possible during hunting season, because its mainly about being in the right place at the right time. Although it helps when you plan food plots and dig watering holes like I do to insure that deer use they area that I hunt and feel safe at the same time.

As the weather changes they deer change the way they move, bed, and change the foods they eat on due to the colder weather. Its good to have a variety of standing crops at this time of the year when all other corn and bean fields have been harvested earlier in the year.

I usually will have a green food source and something else such as corn or soybeans, which gets a lot of the deer in the surroundings area right where I want them with out having pressuring them. I have had tons of luck with doing this, because they have no other good food and I just make it easier for them and they take advantage of it every time just as long as I don’t pressure them too much. When ever you hunt the same spot over and over they deer stand to notice your presence and will most of the time vacate the area for a few days or even weeks when you should be hunting multiple spots and hunting the wind.

When I say hunt the wind you should try your best to always be down wind from where you think the deer are going to be entering the field and where they will most likely spend most of their time while in the field. The nose on a deer is way better than ours and can smell you from a mile away, way before you even know they are in the area. With the big mature deer they will try and circle down wind from the field they want to inter just to check the wind to make sure that there isn’t any threats. That’s what makes them so hard to harvest, and why a lot of hunters never get the opportunity to harvest a mature whitetail deer. It takes a lot of determination and a lot of understanding of how the deer uses their surroundings to their advantage to stay alive and.

There is one time during the year that your chances of harvesting a nice buck increases greatly for about 1 month, which falls very late October and runs most of the way through November. This time is referred to as the “THE RUT” their breeding season, at which time the doe’s come into estrus and the bucks start running wild and chasing every doe that they know are ready to breed. The bucks will fight other bucks in some cases to the death for a doe that is in estrus, and will pretty much starve them selves during this part of the year. They have one thing on their mind and it is breeding, so a lot of the things they normally wouldn’t do. They slip up and that is how hunters have chances to harvest nice bucks that they normally wouldn’t have.

These are just a few things to know if you ever think about taking up hunting in the future. It makes things a lot easier if you have some sort of idea what you should be doing in order to get some meat in your freezer to last throughout the year. It has helped me for numerous years in doing just that and will continue for many more years as I grow as a hunter. Keep these things in mind and it just may enable you to enjoy yourself out side trying to harvest one of these great animals.

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