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As a professional business practitioner and a future business leader, it is my belief that earning the trust and confidence of another person is tantamount to ensuring the continued existence of your business entity. This is achievable by means of ensuring that all information given to the clients are defensible, reliable, and accurate. Never should a business enterprise permit the occurrence of any misrepresentation; be it based on product value, delivery schedules, and other aspects where clients’ expectations are not met.

Likewise, I believe that any business enterprise has the inherent responsibility of developing a healthy and rewarding co-existence with their respective clientele. In this manner, development and advancement will be a shared undertaking between these two very important ingredients of any business entity—thus, improvement will no longer be exclusive to the goods or services rendered, but will likewise be experienced by the customers as they increase their knowledge on the product that they patronize.

Building a strong relationship with one’s customer base allows for numerous benefits that may serve as one’s advantage to other competitors.

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Most apparent is the obvious yet highly-aspired notion of product patronage, a. k. a. customer loyalty. This alone may prove to be the most significant factor in the success of any business enterprise. This also has the potential to result to added sales, as highly satisfied customers will most likely recommend a product/service to an associate especially when his expectations, on quality of both goods and services, have been met or surpassed.

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