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Essay on Professional Behavior

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Journal on Unconditional Positive Regard

I fully agree with him no matter how unrealistic and ideal it might seem. If we, learning how to be a counsellor, will understand how to be able to accept another person, regardless of their past, negative attitude or defensiveness we will then understand the true meaning of Rogers’s philosophy and why it is so important in the therapeutic process. Unconditional Positive Regard in my opinion is ...

Nursing and Professionalism In Healthcare


Professional Behavior at Person Centred Counselling

The therapist prizes the client in a total rather than a conditional way. The third facilitative aspect of the relationship is empathic understanding. This means that the therapist senses accurately the feelings and personal meanings that the client is experiencing and communicates this understanding to the client. When functioning best, the therapist is so much inside the private world of the oth...

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Profession of Arms and Professional Ethics

Soldiers, like all members within a profession, must exercise their ethic in the execution of their work, not just in their private lives. Although, a universal criterion to qualify a particular vocation as a profession is difficult to quantify, the possession of a guiding ethic is common to all professional definitions. The Army is a profession because throughout its ranks it has continued to ope...

Health Workforce

Gebbie, K., Rosenstock,L., Hernande, M., (2003) Institute of Medicine (IOM): Who will keep the public healthy? Educating public health professionals for the 21st century. Workshop summary. In (Eds.): Committee on Educating Public Health Professionals for the 21st Century, Board on Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, Institute of Medicine of the National Academi...

Professional Behavior of Marissa Nunez

By working at McDonald’s, Marissa hopes to become a manager at McDonald’s. To achieve this goal, Marissa plans on continuing to attend the class that is required. In this class she gets observed on how well she deals with customers, and then gets a grade on how well she does. Marissa also has to take an exam to become a manager. By doing all of these things, Marissa can achieve her goal of bei...

A Necessary Evil

Lack of support for the police officer may even be felt from within the law enforcement system. The policeman who arrests a person for robbery or rape is constantly faced with the court's decision to let the offender out on bail or completely free to repeat the crime for which he was originally arrested. Again, frustration and apathy are sure to give way to poor self-esteem and a growing desperati...

Role of Correctional Officers and Their Professional Behavior

Prison officers main job inside is security. They make sure no one that is unauthorized enters, and no one that is unauthorized leaves. They are the first and only real line of defense inside the walls. While being strict but firm with the inmates, they must show that they care about each of them, even if they don’t. They should actively participate in-group activities and refer inmates to speci...

CIPD Profession Map

For effective service delivery HR needs to prioritise to ensure that any queries are handled in an effective manner according to urgency and what impact it has on the customer and the organisation. To deliver the service you must ensure you are consistent and that you understand what expectations your customers have. Managing time and current workload is crucial to ensure that the service is deli...

Clinical Supervision in Counseling

I would make them aware of the role and function of what I do as a part of the committee. For example, we as a committee process complaints of ethical violations or alleged violations. Most importantly I would want to educate health professionals of the membership according to the ACA codes, and what the roles and functions of ethical committees. I would like to continue to adopt many values of et...

Economic Responsibilities

Developing codes of ethics can be a useful way to promote ethical behavior, Enhanced internal reporting and communications—33% _ Ethics hotlines—17% _ Improved compliance procedures—12% _ Greater oversight by the board of directors—10%56 Guidelines for Ethical Behavior Ethics is defined as the consensually accepted standards of behavior for an occupation, a trade, or a profession. A starti...

Nursing Practice According to NPA

The Nurse Practice Act as it is written in the Business and Professional Code defines and lays out a scope of practice to direct a nurse at any level to provide the best possible care while staying within their scope of practice. By following the Nurse Practice Act and providing professional skilled nursing, I will be able to provide care and help my patients to the best of my ability while stayin...

Corporate Philanthropy

According to the Harvard Business case on coporate philanthrophy, Professor Friedman said that business executives who speak of the social responsibilities of corporations are “preaching pure and unadulterated socialism.” He claimed that corporate executives must have only one objective- to make money as much money as possible-and that spending corporate funds to promote social goals detracts ...

Professional Negligence Case Notes

Applying these principles to the case the court held: It was not up to the judge to decide which of two schools of thought –the formal or informal – was to be preferred. It was however inherent in both that the risk of suicide in a patient with depression was assessed prior to discharge. In this the court did not interfere in the professional judgement as to which form that assessment took but...

Organizational Behavior During Texoil Negotiation

What I will do the same in the future is always thinking intigretaively and try to expand the pie all the time. Besides, I should always keep the confidence and try to attract other side’s attention to other things when coming into an intense atmosphere. And what I should keep in mind is there is no right answer in a negotiation and there are maybe a range of possible settlements. And before I m...

Dramaturgical Analysis of Receptionist's Professional Behavior

Overall I enjoyed this assignment because it opened up my mind to bigger ideas. It made me think if a person can act like this in work environment imagine how they act with friends, people they like, and just imagine seeing people they don’t like in public. It made me think that if the receptionist wasn’t scared to talk rudely to her coworkers in the office imagine how she would act if she saw...

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