Professional Athletes as Role Models Essay

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Professional Athletes as Role Models

Do professional athletes deserve the title “Role Model?” Unfortunately there are the athletes that flaunt a negative behavior. They want to concentrate on money and fame. These negative athletes focus on the partying high life style and flaunt, what they can purchase. Then there are the athletes who choose the lifestyle that is appropriate for being a role model. These athletes often thrive positively on the advantages they have. Most professional athletes are good role models, as they have to encompass an extra ordinary physical fitness, instilling self confidence is central, and showing how to achieve sometimes unachievable goals is an obligation they inherit.

Most professional athletes can be considered great role models as they push themselves to continually peak in their sport. These professional athletes vigorously engage in many forms of physical fitness activities and intensive training. It is these dedicated athletes that embrace the obligation or responsibility of a great role model. As Nate Jackson, a former Denver Bronco, states, ” In a strictly physical analysis, training camp brutalizes the body. About three or four days into training camp is when the soreness starts to peak, and it sticks around for about a week and a half until your body starts to desensitize itself to misery.” When a professional athlete hits the field, especially in front of millions on TV, they show how their committed physical activity has paid off. Professional athletes show how being physically fit can and will help you perform at your absolute best.

The majority of professional athletes exemplify self, confidence on and off the field. They show how important it is to believe in themselves. There are times when a professional athlete may not want to continue on within a losing game. The extraordinary self-confidence professional athletes possess, can give a losing athlete or team the guts and heart to come back and defeat a much stronger opponent. It is really not uncommon for a pro football team that has a record of 2 wins and 8 loses to beat a team that has 8 wins and 2 losses. Teams that accomplish a win with a losing record, are almost programmed to believe in themselves. Self-confidence can and will motivate you to attempt and accomplish the virtually impossible.

Professional athletes, that are role models, often believe it is vital to overcome physical pain and take risks. Let’s look at Bethany Hamilton. She longed to be a professional surfer. On October 31, 2003 she had her left arm in the water when a 15 foot tiger shark attacked her. The shark severed her arm just below the shoulder. Unbelievably, after one month and several operations later, she was back on a custom made board and surfing again. Within a year after the shark attack, she won her first National Title. To top it all off she turned pro in 2007. Pro athletes have an unwritten expectation, they are communal role models but her tenacity goes above and beyond any unwritten belief.

A preponderance of professional athletes are good or great role models. The role models are one’s that help the everyday individual gain a greater knowledge of why it is important to be physically active, have a superior sense of self confidence and can show how to overcome adversities. Accepting setbacks or risks by promoting positive possibilities is expected by these athletes. Granted no one is perfect, but if these athletes want to be the best in their chosen profession they have to exemplify a higher standing both mentally and physically. Professional athletes are not born role models, they have to develop and truly believe in themselves. Just be careful and choose wisely on the one or one’s you’d like to follow.

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