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Products and services Essay

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The best way to get the right person for a particular job, Primark has many stages that they pass through during their recruitment and section process. The main purpose why Primark values getting the right person for a particular job, this help them to save money, as well as time and developing sustainable business. Example: if they fail to employ the right person on sales assistant job, it may means that they will have to employ less qualify person which means training cost may be inevitable.

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More over if the recruitment process is successful then the business is less likely to face high staff turnover and will maintain staff and individual morale. When employees move from Primark to other business or they may retire, then Primark often find it ideal to replace the member of staff with the new one. Because of this identifying a vacancy tent to be the first stage in the recruitment process at Primark. Occasions that lead Primark to identify certain vacancies could be when their business has expanded or when one employee leaves because of being ill.

Primark made a decision that they require a new employee to occupy a certain vacancy then they clearly outline responsibilities to be allocated to the new employee. At Primark relevant personal carry out a discussion to look into the responsibilities that are being undertaken by the existing employee and in most cases they will carry out a skills audit. Having done this it Primark then sends a detailed summary stating what the job entails as well as the main responsibilities, which means that the stage in Primark’s recruitment process is drawing up a job description.

Another stage in Primark’s recruitment process is drawing up a person specification. Primark’s person specification document clearly states the educational qualification, knowledge/skill as well as the experience that the applicant should have if they are to be accepted for that particular job. Main purpose of drawing a person specification is to enable the applicant to compare the skills that they hold to those that are required, so that they can see if they fit that particular position. Primark advertising the vacancy tend to be next stage after a person specification is drawn.

The crucial thing at this stage is selecting where to advertise the new vacancy. There are several ways in which Primark advertise their vacancies. Primark normally advertise new vacancies using national newspapers and many cases specialist newspaper and magazines. Advertising in shop windows is also one way in which Primark advertises new vacancies. Sometimes recruitment agencies and job centers are also used. However different jot position may require different methods of advertisement.

Example: Primark requires individual to occupy a senior management position, they tent to advertise this using national newspaper while in most cases they advertise a sales assistant vacancy in local newspapers. When job advertisement is completed, Primark normally receives quite significant number of applications mainly due to the fact that it is popular and reputable organisation. In addition in order to avoid high interview those whose skills are most close to those on the person specification based on the candidate’s application form.

This recruitment stages therefore includes short listing of applicants. The important stage in the recruitment process of Primark that follows the short listing of applicants is the interviewing stage. Interviewing has given employers the opportunity to discover the personal qualities of the candidate while it also a great chance to find out about the business and see if they would like to work for them. Not only this stage costly, but it is also time consuming as it requires careful preparation if it is to be effective.

Example: At Primark, they make sure that all members of the interview panel have looked at the candidate’s application form carefully and thoroughly. Furthermore, they also need to ensure that all interview pane members know exactly the part they will play in the interview as well as the questions they will be asking to candidates. Importantly, they must also ensure that the rooms the interviews will take place are available and that free from obstruction. Selection and appointment of a new employee is Premark’s last stage in the recruitment process.

There are some factors that Primark employers use in order to determine the successful applicant. These are the way in which the applicant presented themselves during the interview, i. e. Body language and dressing . They also base their decision on the way the candidate answered the questions as well as the interest that the candidate shows in the job. Primark, the mail process use mailing to notify their candidates that their application has been successful in normally telephone and occasionally they can also send a letter to them.

Primark does not just ignore unsuccessful candidates, but instead they offer them some feedback showing their interview performances which will hopefully them their future interviews. The recruitment flow chart above explains that processes of recruitment in Primark. This start from vacancy Identification, drawing up of job description and person specification, through to interview and appointment. KEY RECRUITMENT DOCUMENT Various documents are used by business during their recruitment and selection process.

Especially key documentation include: person specification, job advertisements, curriculum vitae, job descriptions and application form or a letter of application. A job description is a document that is issued to potential employees stating the job summary as well as the main responsibilities associated with a particular role. The main purpose of job description is to give the applicant an opportunity to discover exactly what the position they are applying for entails A good job description should clearly state the reason of the job, key task and responsibilities as well as special requirement such as essential language.

In all a job description consists of two different types of information, which are the description of the job’s task and behaviours that are to complete these tasks effectively People’s specification on the other hand is to design to enable the potential applicant to go with their own skills to those that are required for a particular job in order to see if they would be suitable for the job being advertisement. In other way it is clear that a person specification set out the education qualification, experience as well as knowledge and skills that the candidate requires to complete a job.

All the qualities that are outline on a person specification are usually divided into essential requirements, desirable requirements as well as contra indicators. Specification is also known as a Person personnel profile. Job advertisements are designed to attract applicants who fit the company’s person specification and the job description. Advertisements are worded so that they attract only the people that are most suitable for the job. To achieve this, the business needs to think carefully of the target audience.

Example candidate applying for a sales assistant position at Primark are more likely to be readers of the sun and daily mirror, while those applying for highly specialised jobs are more likely to be readers of specialist and technical journals. Furthermore, good advertisements clearly mentions show the applicant should apply for. Example: It may mention that the candidate should submit an application from and curriculum vitae. Several documents that are normally used by business to help them decide on which potential applicants to shortlist.

Curriculum vitae (CV) are one of the documents used to collect information on each candidate. A CV is made by the applicant and the main reason is to supply details of the applicant to the employer. Example it includes details such as the applicant’s personal detail, their Educational qualifications, work experience, their interest and ambitions as well. Good CV is the one that is convincing to the employer and outlines valuable skills that the applicant may bring to the company. Moreover, the employer could gather details of the candidate using an application form.

The main difference between an application form and a CV is an application form is constructed by the business while the applicant completes their own CV: Business considers an application form to be part of the applicant’s contract of employment. In addition, when completing an application form all candidates must provide true and accurate information and avoid any false claims because this may affect employment and in most cases could result in the applicant being dismissed. PEST factors prior to recruitments In most of the business there are various external factors that have an impact in the recruitment process when it takes place.

These factors may be Economic, Political, Social and Technological, and these tend to influence the recruitment and selection process in two ways. For examples In Primark they may increase or possibly decrease the need for staff. There are different political factors that may affect recruitment in every business. In UK, one of the main focuses for the government is to encourage business to actually promote equal opportunities when recruiting staff. For this reason it means that business like Primark must ensure that applicants are not discriminated on the grounds of their age, gender, ethnicity or disability.

For example, an official report shows that may UK large business such as Primark are now employing older workers. Moreover as older people are willing to stay in employment, this in turn affect the recruitment styles of Primark in the sense that they will they will only need to recruit fewer staff. Other Economic factor that could affect the recruitment process is the country’s minimum wage. This means that if the legislation increases the rate of minimum wage, then the business may need to reduce the number of employees they recruit in order to keep the costs of the business at lower level.

Similarly, if the employment legislation extends the number of hours that employees are allowed to work in each week, this may result in the business recruiting a reasonable less number of stuff as the existing staff are in a position of complete more due to the amount of time they get. A PEST analysis or factor is the external macro-environmental effect that affects all firms. Such external factors usually are beyond the firm’s control and sometimes present themselves as threats.

However, changes in the external environment also create new opportunities and the letters (thus, PEST) sometimes are rearranged to construct more optimistic term of STEP analysis. Prior to recruitment taking place, PEST factors play a major role in making it successful. At Primark a number of checklists have been developed as ways of cataloguing the vast number of possible issues that might affect an industry in terms of recruitment. At Primark a PEST analysis is one of them that are merely a framework that categorizes environmental influences as political, economic, social and technological forces.

The use of PEST analysis can be seen effective for business and strategic planning, market planning, business and product development and research reports. PEST also ensures that company’s performance is aligned positively with the powerful forces of change that are affecting business environment. PEST is useful when a company decides to enter its business operations into new markets and new countries. The use of PEST, at Primark, helps to break free of unconscious assumptions, and help to effectively adapt to the realities of the new environment.

Now in relation to the impact of PEST factors prior to recruitment, it is very crucial to consider each PEST factor as they all play a part in determining the overall business environment and successful recruitment. At Primark economic conditions affect how easy or how difficult it is to be successful and profitable at any time because they affect both capital availability and cost, and demand. If demand is buyout, for example, at Primark if the cost of capital is low, it will be attractive for firms to invest and grow with expectations of being profitable.

In opposite circumstances firms might find that profitability throughout the industry is low. The timing and relative success of particular strategies can be influences by economic conditions. When the economy, as a whole or certain sectors of the economy, are growing, demand may exist for a product or service which would not be in demand in more depressed circumstances. Economic conditions are influenced by political and government policy, being a major influence affecting government decisions. The issue of whether European countries join, or remain outside, the single European currency is a case in point.

At Primark any one time either exported or imported goods can seem expensive or inexpensive, dependent upon currency exchange rates there are many other ways, however, in which government decisions will affect organizations both directly and indirectly, as they provide both opportunities and threats. While economic conditions and government policy are closely related, they both influence a number of other environmental forces that can affect organizations. Capital markets determine the conditions for alternative types of funding for organizations.

Primark tend to be a subject to government controls, and they will be guided by the prevailing economic conditions. The rate of interest charged for loans will be affected by inflation and by international economics and, although the determining rate may be fixed by a Central bank as it is the case with the Bank of England, that will also be influenced by stated government priorities. The sociocultural environment encapsulates demand and tastes, which vary with fashion and disposable income, and general changes, can again provide both opportunities and threats for particular companies.

Over-time most products change from being a novelty to a situation of market saturation, and as this happens pricing and promotion strategies have to change. Similarly, some products and services will sell around the world with little variation, but these are relatively unusual. Organizations should be aware of demographics changes as the structure of the population by ages, regions, and numbers working and ageing population can have an important bearing on demand as a whole and on demand for particular products and services.

Threats to existing products might be increasing: opportunities for differentiation and market segmentation might be emerging. At Primark technological breakthroughs can create new industries which might prove a threat to existing organizations whose products or services might be rendered redundant, and those firms which might be affected in this way should be alert to the possibility. Equally, new technology could provide a useful input, in both manufacturing and service industries, but in turn its purchase will require funding and possibly employee training before it can be used.

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