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Essay on Productivity And Economic Growth

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Firm or Country's Competitive and Comparative Advantages

When one firm/country is able to produce Goods or Services at a lower Opportunity Cost over another firm/ country, it is said to have a Comparative Advantage. For E.g. if one country uses more machines and produces 10 units of each Meat and Clothes in one hour. And another country uses fewer machines and produces either 4 Meat or 6 Clothes in an hour, each country can gain from trade because their...

Sustainability at Wal-Mart and Jamie Kennedy Kitchens

Alignment with JMM’s core values: this option is completely aligned with its core values that strive to provide seasonal, local and organic food to its customers. In fact, this would even strengthen the alignment of its core values with its cooking style. The constraint imposed by focussing on local ingredients only would further stimulate innovation and allow ...

Advantages of trade liberalization

Opening up these markets to competition has also allowed consumers to benefit from lower prices and new services which are usually more efficient and consumer-friendly than before. This helps to make the economy more competitive (6). The elimination of the remaining trade barriers is likely to provide significant gains. Gains from the removal of all barriers to merchandise trade are estimated bet...

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Patagonia Challenge

In the past, company has grown tremendously because of taking decisions, which may be cost incremental and expensive in short term but are in favour of environment. Also, there is always some trade-off between being socially responsible and highly profitable. But what’s more important is that company promotes and does actions in conformity with its mission and values. Also, there is no certainit...

Building Information Modeling

This BIM Modeling Video, will provide you with a better understanding of the purpose and uses of the modeling system. It is anticipated by proponents that BIM can be utilized to bridge the information loss associated with handing a project from the design team, to the construction team and to building owner/operator, by allowing each group to add and reference back to all information they acquire...

Advantages and Disadvantages of Manufacturing Tnc's

TNCs are footloose and may move their operations out of a country at any point – in search of lower wages and cheaper production elsewhere. This creates economic uncertainty within the host country. Because they are transnational TNCs can avoid paying full taxes in the countries where they operate. This affects the services governments are able to provide for local people – in this way TNCs do...

Difference Between Branding and Brand Equity

Finally, according to these definitions, it is obvious that (1) ‘branding’ is the process of creating, developing, protecting, and managing the special identity of the product, or the ‘brand’ (to differentiate it in the marketplace) and it is not only marketing effort, it includes all the companies efforts to build this differentiation; (2) the ‘brand’ is the end result of that process...

JIG: Increasing the Productivity

Die Steels: the three variants of die steel - high chromium (12 %), high carbon (1.5 to 2.3%), and cold working steels are applied in the production of jigs and fixtures for the making of thread forming rolls, as well as cutting of press tools. When alloyed with vanadium and molybdenum for it to retain toughness at very high temperature, die steels are applied in the fabrication of jigs and fixtur...

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