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Production Of Gas As A Limited Resource


Firstly, this literature review will discuss how the production of gas, has been considered as a limited resource. It will discuss how the consumption of gas can be reduced by the refineries and society in general communities. Furthermore, for the communities, it will look at the health concerns that have been related to the gas emissions that have been coming from the refineries, such as breathing difficulties like Asthma and bronchitis, which have been affecting the communities particularly in the south west region.

It will then explore some of the literature regarding the health reports that were done. Then it will discuss what some of the weakness are that have come about in regards to the production and consumption which needs to be reduced.

Secondly, It will also look at projects that have been done to help with the production rate. Such as the greenhouse effect and also how gas could prove to be good for it being a pivotal player.

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Then it will review what some of the findings were that the WA government has produced regarding the resource which has been a major player in Western Australia for many years for many generations for things like hot water, waste water and also cooking and many other things.

Research Section

There has been research done regarding the production of gas, which has suggested that the gas is being produced by the major companies and refineries for the entire Western Australian state.. Then on the other hand, in the county areas, particularly in areas in the south-west regions of Western Australia such as Waroona, Harvey and Bunbury, there have been major gas plants beginning to appear to begin producing major amounts of gas.

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The large amounts of gas that have been or are produced, has made the consumption of gas rise of the state, which is why there is a need to reduce the gas production.

It has been used in general for things like hot water, cooking and heating in the household. The resource has been produced on mass in parts of the state such as the northwest shelf and the south west region of Western Australia.

Furthermore,if there could be a way for society all over the country to begin to reduce the amount of consumption of gas, then it would be that of the greenhouse gas emissions effect, which has been a second major concern to the health concerns associated with gas, which is then connected to the wide array of chemicals that have been used, and released into the environment through the emissions and waste water channels, that have been emitted from the high levels of gas activity surrounding the production process. So, then the review will look at some articles that have been associated how the greenhouse affect has played a role when it comes to the gas emissions and also will look at how they have been measured around the world and not just in Australia. Moreover, Gas will play a pivotal role in the transitional stage towards zero emission energy production (Kocher, 2017; Engie Group, 2017; BHP Billiton Ltd., 2017c; Cook et al.,2013).


There will be a discussion of how the production and consumption of gas, can be reduced by looking at the literature that the Government has produced on the supply and demand of the gas production. There will also be a discussion of whether fracking should be allowed in Western Australia and then will have a look at the bans been put in place and find out as to either it should be lifted in some parts of the state but kept in other places such as Perth and the south west regions. It will then discuss what some of the effects of hydraulic fracking has had on the state in general. The review will then look at what has been occurring in South Australia in terms of fracking, as to either it can happen in Western Australia. Then, it will take a look at the native title Act that was put in place in Western Australia’s indigenous communities in the north west where the gas production is being produced. There will be discussions on issues such as the domestic supply and how the government is taking measures to help with the consumption rates. It will also look at the policy that the government have produced in terms of the domestic usage of gas supplies after the inquiries that was had.


So then In conclusion, when and if the reduction of the gas production can be reduced, by the refineries,it would mean that there is a need to have the gas emissions decreased so that the air would be clear and then the health issues such as asthma would have been eased for the communities. So then if the carbon foot print is reduced, the pollution that is coming from the gases would somehow decrease. It would mean that the air would be clearer and healthier for the everyday person.

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