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Product Review Hoover Air Bagless Upright Vacuum

Categories Advanced Technology, Cleanliness, Cleanliness Of Surroundings, Technology

Review, Pages 4 (842 words)



Review, Pages 4 (842 words)


Even though stick vacuum cleaner are becoming less popular  in apartment households for the obvious reasons of being  less storable and compact , the Hoover name  is always worth mentioning.

Some people just prefer pushing the dirt off the floor , instead of “wanding it” away in space age mode.

Having appropriate gadgets to clean spaces is  a good point of discussion. This is a bit like comparing using an industrial gadget for household purposes and even if it is more powerful, and has extraordinary feature,  it is not what is need in the situation.

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This would be the intention of this kind of cleaner, as opposed to a more complex model , though it is not lacking in extreme vanguard sophisticat ion either.

In summary:this would  be ideal in small apartment spaces,   without exaggerated cleaning needs (thick pile carpets and a complex  range of  areas vulnerable to high -intensity  toxic dust invasions).Poss ibly an apartment in rental by  a fastidious young couple, (or owned),  an elderly person with a pet , due to edge cleaning brisstle feature which remioves pet hair right up to surface edges on mats and carpets.

Prepriatory wind tunnel technology creates strong suction channels capable of lifting and removing any level of embedded dirt.

The fact that  it is cordless is a plus if this fits into  your personal use parametres of  preference. Cordless, because the reach ability is easy to manage without outlet changes and   comfortable  weight  if you are tired or, just  elderly, and tire easily.

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It has a lithium-ion battery system The hype to dishype around this improved battery systems is this. They operate at full,power for the whole recharge life. They can be re-charged- but even then the recharge life span is limited – 300 – 500 cycles etc –  according to the battery. However, the technology is still so  untested really.  There are no t only a lot  of  established negatives (  s well as yet to be possibilities ) , but also as yet unproved rep orts. The fact that over the recharge life the battery deteriorates, is already known This means that while it  might be cordless , its efficiency , due to this very state of the art  drawcard, might be the resaon why it is not the best buy. This means that  the benefits of  having a cordless cleaner are put into long-term doubt, by the very nature of the lithium ion advantage. You can of course buy a new battery, which also might come down in price, over time.

The strong positives in such a streamlined gadget  with such a good brand name backing  are: a wind tunnel technology capacity to lift very embedded dirt.

Another appealing design fetaure, which is relevant to bad health apartment  dwellers (specifically back problems) , is the fact that the handle has an  extreme reline capacity , which means that it’s easy to reach under furniture etc. Edge cleaning brissles make it effective around tricky edges.

Fastidious home owners  with not much time , and not much strength for cleaning, and enough furniture to warrant the various tricky areas cleaning advantages .

Easily remove dirt with an  user-friendly push button bottom release dust cup.

It is also multi-floor ready -f rom hard floors to carpets- but not very densely dust infested carpets . In lightly luxury decorated designer flats with persian carpets,  this would  also work as an option.


The cordless works and doesn’t – ie you have full power cleaning over the  charge period,  with a guage warning you of “power is almost out”; but it diminishes over time. The fact that the fuel guage reminds you  of prieod patametrs, is handy as well – but you neeed to weigh up other factors-like is a cord attachment , though less manouverabel , and more incleind to entangle you while clening – might be more worth you dollars ove rthe long -term.

The fact that it easy to use, powerful enough are all plusses . Yet,  the fact that its inbuilt high tech power advantage deteriorates over time is a negative.So, look into the real advantages of tech “advantages” before you buy the hype and the problem.

On a cautionary note- check the tech advantages – do your own homework to find out what  not listed behind the hype and how tested the advantages really are.


This cleaner  works well for small apartment owners with a limited scope of well-defined needs. It’s not the highest power cleaner , but it’s also very p?sophiticated withinits own power capabilitues. It aslo has some plus design factor of its own behind a good brand name-like a bendable swivel for under furniture cleaning- even though some of the plus tech advantages might not really be all they are rated to be. If working cordless makes you anxious because you can’t track the charge time while vacuuming- this model comeswith a guage which lets you know how much charge time is remaining thoughout the vacuuming period.

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