Product Review for Nike Fuel Band Essay

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Product Review for Nike Fuel Band

I’m a number junkie, I love knowing exactly how many calories I’m taking in, my macronutrient ratios and I’d always wanted to know how many calories I burn on a daily basis. To feed my number addiction I typically weigh my food and prepare an entire days food in one sitting. With that said, being able to track my energy expenditure was very appealing to me. I came across an energy tracking product called Nike Fuel Band. Being able to get a rough idea of how many calories I burn throughout the day was exactly what a fitness nerd like me wanted to know. After using this product for three weeks, I am blown away by the total package of services this product offers. The Nike Fuel band is a wrist band that looks similar to a Live Strong bracelet that keeps track of all your daily activity. It has a built in screen that is comprised of a number of LED’s that can tell you how much Nike Fuel you’ve earned, how many calories you’ve burned, how many steps you’ve taken and the current time.

The device also syncs with your phone, computer and Nike Plus account to keep track of your day to day activity. The packaging was very appealing; everything was nicely arranged so things didn’t get deshuffled during shipping. I had almost no problems getting my Fuel band synced up to my computer or my iPhone. My band fit perfectly without having to add the supplied extra link and was able to start burning ‘fuel’ right away. Once I got it going there is a single button on the device that if clicked will scroll through four different options; fuel, calories, steps and time. The time is also really convenient if you would rather where the band than a watch. The product itself is slightly larger than your standard silicone wrist band that people still seem to be wearing. Nike fuel is Nike’s proprietary measurement of energy expenditure which is supposed to be a universal measurement. For me personally I’ve noticed that three Nike Fuel points equates to about one calorie.

After using my Nike Fuel Band for about three weeks I found I pay attention to both the fuel as well as the calories. It is definitely useful for comparing activity with friends, as if you have different height and weight your caloric expenditure will be way off. There are two things about the Fuel Band that I wish were a little different. While the device is able to be worn in the shower, it is not recommended to take the product swimming. I go swimming a lot so it was a bit of an inconvenience for me not to have this on to rate my performance. I would have also liked to see the Fuel Band have the ability to monitor heart rate. The Band fits very snug to my wrist, so I would think that tracking my pulse wouldn’t have added too many extra dollars in electronics. By tracking heart rate Nike would have had another variable to more accurately track activity levels.

This would have improved their ability to measure fuel in activities that are more static like Yoga or Weight Lifting. After using my Nike Fuel band for three weeks, I absolutely love it. While it may not be flawless in terms of calculating caloric expenditure, it does a better job than anything else out there when you compare the convenience factor of having a small bracelet attached to your wrist. This product has definitely changed my life, if I’m a few hundred fuel points away from my daily goals, I go walk around the block to make sure I hit the goals I’ve set forth for myself. In contrast, if I’ve had a busy day and burned enough fuel through chores, I don’t have to waste my time going to the gym. The Fuelband takes the guessing game out of the equation and I love it.

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