Product Advertising


Billboards are a brilliant way to advertise a product quickly for many people to see. It will catch people’s eye and are usually entertaining. They can be viewed from far away as they are usually high up and large. People are forced to see them – it isn’t a choice and so you’re getting your product across to lots more people. Billboards can’t have much information on them as many people only mainly get a quick glance at it because of the speed they are driving past and they won’t have time to read it.

It should only have a few lines of text and an eye-catching picture. However, they are very expensive.


Posters are eye catching if you are up close to them and they can hold a lot more information than a billboard because most people are walking past at a slower pace and have time to read. Posters can only be viewed if you are quite near them – they can’t be viewed or read from far away like a billboard can.

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Television Advert

A television advert works as you can’t turn them off if you are watching something live – you would have to stop what you are watching and most people wouldn’t do that. It catches you’re attention with narration and animation and it gives you the opportunity to have an advert with lots of information on for people to see and understand. A television advert is expensive to have put on live TV during a major event, for example, a 30 second advert during the super bowl costs up to million.

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Also, these adverts cannot be easily revisited.

Bus advert

A bus advert can grab your attention if you’re on the road or walking beside it and needs to be colourful and creative against the backdrop of the dull bus. You cannot easily revisit a bus advert and it cannot hold much text on it as nobody would process the information fast enough if it’s driving past. You will only be able to see a bus advert for a few seconds as it goes by.

DVD cover

A DVD cover needs to grab your attention away from other DVD’s on sale. Therefore, they are usually very eye catching and also at the same it gives you a slight indication of what the film is about and what genre it belongs in, whether it is science fiction a romance or maybe both. In addition, they have the ability to hold lots of information on quite a small area as DVD covers are only going to be viewed from up close. It won’t grab your attention from far away because of the size of it. Therefore, you do need to be close to it to read and see all the information properly.

PS4/Xbox one cover

A video game cover needs to attract attention towards itself for you to go and pick it up. It needs to be eye catching and unique to try and differentiate itself from other video games. They also hold a lot of information in a small area and they show you what the game is about just by looking at them. You do need to be pretty close to it to view it properly and it isn’t going to attract your attention from far away because of the size of it.

Magazine cover

A magazine cover attracts attention and gives a clear overview of what to expect inside the magazine when reading it. It can hold a lot of information on the cover as people are viewing it from close up and have time to read all about the latest issue. The graphics are sometimes too busy to read what the contents of the magazine are going to be. You need to be stood very close and because of the size of it – I cannot be viewed from far away.

Road signs

They can hold a lot of information about a various number of things to do with driving on the road because the size of them helps to attract attention. Also, it isn’t language dependent and the graphics/ pictures/ diagrams can show you what you want to know without having to read the words. Sometimes difficult to read because of the speed that most people are driving when attempting to view the road signs. Sometimes they can be too busy and people do not understand what the road sign is trying to inform them about.

Electronic display cabinets

The amount of information that they can hold is unlimited because they can move from one graphic to another. They are extremely eye catching because they can hold a full spectrum of colours and most of the time you don’t have to be up close to read them. If you are up close to them, it could be difficult to read all of the information on them because it can strain your eyes and the graphic can sometimes become distorted. However, because of the technology that goes into the electronic display cabinet to make it work, they can become quite expensive.


The information it can hold us quite a lot and whatever the leaflet/ pamphlet is advertising needs to attract attention by the colour scheme it has on it. It is easy to read when up close and it is easy for you to re visit the advertisement which is on leaflet/ pamphlet – therefore it is a very effective promoting tool. They can only be viewed by a limited number of people and they can be quite expensive for you to print a lot of high-quality leaflets/ pamphlets and expensive to deliver also. Many people do not read them and tend to just throw them straight in the bin and if the leaflet doesn’t actually look very good, for example too much or too little white space, not a lot of information etc, then it can lose its effectiveness as an advertising tool because it looks poor quality and cheap.

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