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Proctor and Elizabeth change Essay

How does the relation ship between Proctor and Elizabeth change from the beginning of the play until now? In the beginning of the play John speaks about Elizabeth once to Abigail. Abby has said that Elizabeth was a cold and sickly wife. John says to her that she has no right to speak of his wife in such a manner and renounces the comment about her being sickly. He does not, although, dismiss Abby’s charge that Elizabeth is a cold wife. But, he means it is because of him that she is this way.

In the beginning of Act 2 there was a great feeling of detachment and tension in the Proctor household. We see John trying to start a conversation with Elizabeth and she only gives him short answers to please him. Then the tide turns to her questioning him and he is the one that becomes short with her because she is requesting that he go to Salem and confess that Abigail is liar. To do that, though he must confess his sin. During most of the scene they’re not sure of each other.

She doesn’t quite trust him, but she loves him. Proctor believes himself to be an abomination in his own eyes and according to his own high standards and especially in the eyes of God. He only wants his wife’s trust in him restored and for her to love him again. At the end of the act is where you feel the great love that they hold Proctor holds for her. When she is arrested he nearly gets into a fight with Cheever because he is going to chain her. He knows that she is being arrested because of his mistake. He verbally fights with Hale over the evidence as he promises to bring her home soon. They need to protect each other now.

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In Act 3 you see that he is doing his best to fulfill his promise to free her from that jail and have all the charges acquitted. He goes to the court with Mary Warren and was trying to convince Dansforth that she was innocent when Mary Warren betrays Proctor to save herself from the wrath of Abigail. He even tells the secret that brings him the greatest pain, to save his wife. It is her that the reader is assured of Elizabeth’s love for Proctor when she lies for him to protect his name. She lied and just the moment before he’d told Dansforth that his wife never lied. But she did for him unaware that Proctor himself confessed ad only putting then deeper into trouble. Yu are again reassured of Proctor’s great love for her when he tells the court of his disloyalty to his wife. This shows that he is adamant to save and free his wife.

In Act 4 Elizabeth is asked to speak to Proctor in the hope that she will be able to persuade him to lie and save his life. Even the Reverend Hale is begging her to make him confess and he sworn to truth in his bond with the Lord. When she says that she will try to see what he can do they are left to themselves. This is the first time that they have seen each other in three months and greet each other in a great display of love and sorrow for each other.

Their love is one that is everlasting. He asks her what to do, he is willing to go with her choice, even if it were that she wanted for him to be honest and die. He would have done it just because she had asked for him to. She tells him instead to choose for himself because she feels that it is not her place to judge him. She tells him that she will love him regardless of his decision. Their love is restored even though they have not been able to see each other they both understand that they both share some blame even if it the most remote amount of blame, for Elizabeth.

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