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How annoying Procrastination is..

Categories: Procrastination

Statement of intent: ranting and showing how annoying Procrastination is. Furthermore, conveying that much of our misery starts from Procrastination, therefore to reduce distress we need to eliminate this drug-like person so that we may succeed in life.

Dear Procrastination,

I simply don’t understand. I don’t understand how you can be so irresistible or why you have such a tense grip over me. I know you’re bad for me, yet I’m so reluctant about removing you from my mind.

It’s like you’re the drug and I’m the addict. Even though I try to stare you down, your f***** innocent eyes always break my resolve. Not even that but u tend to go that extra mile and exploit all my weaknesses and use it against me, even though sometimes you can be my best friend.

Whenever I’m trying to get homework done, there you are, sitting on the sidelines just waiting for me to slip up and fall back into your graces.

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Seriously, what kind of torture is this? There’d be times where I’d willingly give up, but then you just drill your claws right in, narrowing the chances of having a break with you. A second without me feels like a lot huh?

Is it the promise of fun and adventure you supposedly leave? Is it the sweet nothings you always whisper in my ear? Your taste is so sweet but the aftertaste is so bitter. You’re so charming yet so evil.

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When I’m under your presence it’s exciting and interesting, but afterwards, I experience nothing but a downpour of stress and agony. Even though you convince me that everything is going to be alright and that there’s no room for wrong, a few seconds later, you leave me on my own and carelessly laugh when I need help the most.

But I’m not gonna lie, you’re not to fully blame for my misery. After all, I’m the one who’s succumbing to your charms. I’m the one who pampers you instead of doing what needs to be done. I keep telling myself that I’m going to better next time and won’t fall into your magic spell of temptation, then again your charming ability prevails almost anything.

In all seriousness though, seeing as next year is the final year of school where the stakes are high, I’ll need to leave you behind. I’m sorry but despite our good times together you keep making uninvited visits that prolong assignments and as a result keeps me up to at least 2 AM.

Don’t you see it? After all this time b*******, you should have realised that you’re nothing but a parasite that devours my sleep and energy, which is making me a victim of my demise. Not to mention the substantial amounts of my time you’ve taken away which I could have used on spending time with REAL people.

At first, when I met you, you had promised a positive, mutual relationship, but it looks like that dream is about to hit a dead end. You and I, we’re just incompatible with each other. We’re on completely separate paths Procrastination, I want to succeed in life whereas you want me to watch seasons and seasons of Brooklyn-Nine-Nine. We both know I can never really say goodbye. We’ve been through too much that I won’t be able to forget. I will always remember the sleepless nights and merits that could have been excellent. Well then, with all that being said, it’s in your best interest to take your business somewhere else as I want to use my time wisely. Maybe one day, we will meet again.

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