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Procrastinating and How to Stop It

We’ve all stayed up at night to finish up an assignment we just started, no matter how tired you are, the assignment needs to be finished for tomorrow and you left it to the last minute. Even though it could’ve been balanced out throughout the week, we decide to do it all last minute. And I’ll admit it, I procrastinate all the time, no matter what assignment it could be, I’ve even procrastinated on writing this speech.

Now I feel like the word, ‘procrastion,’ or anyone who procrastinates has gained a bad reputation over the years, considering they get related to being slackers and looked down upon all because of a lifestyle they chose. But is procrastinating really that bad? I am here today to convince you that procrastinating isn’t as terrible as everyone makes it seem, yet comes with some positive benefits.

Even though the undergoing pressure when procrastinating might not seem good at first sight, and sometimes it’s not if you have too much on your hands; the relief when finishing an assignment at the last minute is probably the best feeling you could feel.

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You feel the joy crawling up your spine, because of the fact that it’s done and over with. I remember when I procrastinated on a modern history project not to long ago. It was probably one; one-thirty in the morning and I was just about to finish. The pressure was on because I had to wake up soon, even though I never went to sleep yet, but I was determined to finish this assignment.

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And for me, I sometimes like the feeling of the pressure, it motivates me to finish the assignment even though I look upon it as boring. But I remember the time where I typed my last word to finish off the assignment, it was unbelievable. The massive signs of relief and stress washed away with the last word and I felt great. My assignment was done, and I was happy.

Those people who do take on the procrastination have chosen to do it that way, since it suits their lifestyle, or is more convenient for them. They’re not automatically slackers, because they put things off, but rather do it that way because it’s more comfortable for them. With your lifestyle being cramped up with other things to do, you might just want a break after all, instead of trying to balance out the workload for an assignment. Which to me, doesn’t seem that bad when you put it like that. Those who space out their work to even it all out usually all have one thing in common, they don’t have any spare time for themselves.

Which could be best conveyed with the line: When in doubt, waits it out. People need to take a break and breathe. Don’t rush to work on your assignment because you want to balance it out throughout the week or two. Best bet is to calm down, and take a break. Most of our ideas that come to our brain are waiting for you to stop what you’re doing and do something enjoyable. Stop working, and continue another day.

This brings me to my next point on ideas. Even though you might not be working every single minute of your life on this assignment, you’re still coming up with ideas as you do other things, because of the fact that you know it’s due soon so you’re going to have to finish it. This being said, leaving something to the last minute means you could generate a lot of ideas on how to tackle that assignment without spending a lot of time to finish it.

To follow off of time, you guys probably don’t have a lot of free time for yourselves, because of the other tasks that you need to do; go to school, jobs, etc. All mandatory things you have to go to, leaving little to almost no spare time for yourself. When you add on another task that will probably cause stress, depending on the importance of it, you’re basically increasing your stress level even more with the fact that you’re going to be working on this assignment everyday until it’s done.

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