Process of transportation Essay

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Process of transportation

In the world, it is normal that resources are not ubiquitous. This means that we may have raw materials in one areas and the factory for the production of the final product is in another area. In other cases, we may have the raw materials and the industry in one area but the end users of the final products are in a different area. This means that we will need to transport the produced goods to the end user or the consumer.

In this process of transportation, different types of goods will require different methods of transportation and therefore calls for different methods of packaging, which are commonly referred to as transport packaging. (McKinlay, 1999) According to McKinlay, (1999), there are situations when the product package may cross over to other functional areas such the design, manufacturing and transportation. For instance, some goods are known to be brittle such as glasses, computers and other types of electronics.

While these goods are in the process of production, the producer must design them in a way that after they are packed, they must perfectly fit into each. This way, they have no free area and therefore they are safer even in their transportation. In addition, while transporting those goods, it is crucial that the manufacturer design the container in a way that it will absorb any unexpected shock it may experience. This means that the container used to transport electronics will be completely different in design from the container used to transport vehicles, car engines and spare parts.

In addition, depending on the type of the product, the manufacture must consider other activities that revolve around the transportation of the product such as the real design of the product. For instance, we find that flatron televisions are designed with handles placed close to the front side. As McKinlay, (1999) says, the reason behind this is to assist the person who will be carrying them to be able to do so with ease. The carton for the television must also have handling areas placed close to the front side, which is usually heavy.

These are the ways in which the product package may cross over to other areas. In conclusion, it is clear that transport packaging will always interfere or rather affect other functions in the process of production such as design, transportation and design. The reason is that different products require different handling techniques and anything else. This is a consideration, that the manufacturer, transporter and any other person must emphasize on. ? References McKinlay, A. (1999). Transport Packaging . New York: CRC Press.

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