Process Identification and Analysis Paper Essay

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Process Identification and Analysis Paper


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 Process Identification and Analysis Paper


            For any business to prosper there is always a reliable strategy behind it.  That is why continuing to improve the strategy is highly necessary in order to continually compete and overcome challenges.  This is very important for any business these days most specially as the growing challenges of changing in customers preferences; changes in prices and the over-all economic trend are always there to prevent companies to progress.  These will also the main focus of this paper, regarding the company Kudler Fine Foods, which continuously finding ways on how they can improve their performance with their customers in order to improved its revenue and eventually help the company sustain its business.

This paper will provide what process improvement is necessary for the company to continue its good operation and presenting that improvement process in a flowchart.  Also included is the description of why analyzing can be useful in improving quality as well as what possible and more appropriate quality tool that can be used in collecting data to be presented for analysis.  Finally, an analysis of the process variability based upon the understanding of the process and data collected.

Focus Process Improvement

            Kudler Fine Foods, as based from its current operations has always been focusing on how to improve its service and operation.  As the company provides a wide variety of product to choose from, it is important that they need to monitor not only the internal situation or operation of the stores regarding the buying preferences of its customer but also they need to make a careful study and improved its anticipation in monitoring their competitors.  That is why in this paper the main focus of improvement process will be on marketing mix, timing and relationship for its sales. This process improvement is also directly connected to one of the company’s strategic objective and that is to Increase loyalty and profitability of consumers.

The main reason is because the company has already been very efficient in managing its product and even its services to its customer which is actually the first and most important role to be expected from a retail business like Kudler Fine Foods.  But the common problem that needs to anticipate and at the same time process that needs to improve is something to do with study on the business market itself.  Like in terms of product positioning, particularly in terms of price, value added service, product preference, and convenience.  These are just some of the very few factors that are very important for any typical customers these days.

In this strategy, it has to focus first the four main marketing factors that will be used for the study of the improvement process, and these are: (1) product, identifying current product against what is in demand at the moment, (2) pricing, of course very important, doe the price level within the right level, (3) promotions, does the stores are well advertised or known from the general public, and (4) place, strategically, does the stores needs to be moved somewhere else or just need to have a strategy that will help the awareness of the consumers.  These will be the main focus of the process improvement.

            In the next part will be the presentation of the flowchart, which will consist of one main flowchart as the main process and then flowchart for sub-processes.  (See Figure 1 and 2)

Figure 1 – Main Process

Commence Process Improvement and Develop Detailed Processes

Proposed Process Improvement with Budget and Resources Needed


Re-Evaluate Proposal and Make Necessary Adjustments

            On this part it will focus on the detailed processes that involve the 4 main marketing aspects product, pricing, place and promotions.

 In the presented figure above, it just provides the detailed activities that the company should provide in order to improve its current market share.  In this way it does not only focus on how they can serve well for their customers but also focusing on how they can sustain the company for longer time and eventually gives the company much better revenue results.  Also in this presented flowchart it gives the company a more focus approach in handling the improvement which is very important because most of the time there are many priorities that are being done in the organization.

Process improvement like what was presented in this paper, definitely provides a good help is achieving quality.  Process is something that needs to be initiated due to the purpose that the company really has something to improved and that the company cannot just ignore that weakness or lack of improvement because that will be the main cause of its business downfall.

Quality and process improvement always goes hand in hand.  Quality is something that drives the process, because without quality perspective that should be set by the management, process improvement will not also be measured or even performed correctly.  Simple quality approach like QA or quality assurance is also one approach that can check whether the processes that were applied by the company is correct and accurately address the issue of the company.

            Like in this case which it has implemented a new process improvement relating to the marketing strategy and goal of the company.  T this point, before it formally implemented and applied in the company, it should be first passed under the quality assurance process.  Because only in that way, the company can be confident that what improvement process that were presented is applicable to the company and truly answers the problem of the company and help it to further be progressive.  What happen is that the quality manager of the company and the process owners themselves will work together in order to make sure that everything is in the right track.

Process owners are simply the department managers.  These department managers, since they know the process well as they are the expert of their own domain will wok with the quality team and them assess the improvement processes that need to be done.  After all the study and scrutinizing of the process improvement then it will be the time of presentation for final approval to the main stakeholders and board members of the company.  This time there would still be some changes but still the main objective is to see whether the process improvement passed to the quality factors that the company is expecting.

Customer survey is the most appropriate tool for collection of necessary data that will be used in this process improvement that is expected to be implemented in the company.  Since studying the market status and customer preference is the main goal of the process improvement, there is no question that survey tool is the best one to be applied.

This is seen to be the most reliable tool for the company because it does not only get what the customers really needs but also it gives them the freedom to say what they really want to improved for the company.  It is because not only the mere observation and study by the company can improved the company’s performance, but more importantly it is what the customers desire is really what really counts the most in terms of finding the best and most reliable improvements that need to be done in the company.  (Handbook for Basic Process Improvement, n.d.).


            In this paper, it is very clear that the company Kudler Fine Foods has already been performing well in the market.  But the process improvement that needs to continue to focus was in relation to the company’s marketing strategy, particularly pricing, product, promotion and place.  This was also presented well in flowchart.  Also in this paper, survey is the one selected as the data collections tool that will help the improvement process reliable and efficient.


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