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Looking Fashionable on a Limited Budget Is it possible to look fashionable with a limited amount of money? Many women, especially college students and young adults, want to look stylish without emptying their bank account. This can be difficult to achieve because women want to be up to date with trends, but trends continuously change leaving them with little money. To help keep women from spending money on the next latest trend, they must know how to become fashionable while still able to save.

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Knowing where to begin is key to looking fashionable without breaking the bank.

[Question] Before going out and spending money, one must first know how to dress for their figure. Everyone has a different body shape and (certain styles look different on different women. ) There are four general body types that are defined by the curves that connect a woman’s bust, waist, and hips. These four shapes are apple, straight or rectangular, pear, and hourglass. To determine which shape a woman is, she must measure her bust, waist, and hips with a measuring tape. To measure the bust, place the measuring tape around the fullest part of the bust and around the back while breathing normally.

To measure the waist, place the measuring tape around the narrowest part which is usually above the belly button. To measure the hips, place the measuring tape around the fullest part, which is usually around the bottom. When measuring, keep the tape parallel to the floor while also making sure it is not tight as it can affect measurements. Knowing the shape of your body will reduce spending because there are more limitations on what can be bought. If the bust is three or more inches bigger than the hips, (the woman has an apple shape.

)Dressing for a woman with an apple shape means she wants to emphasize her legs and bottom because she is already top-heavy. She would also want to draw attention away from her waist and shoulders or arms by wearing long sleeves while drawing attention to her bust and neck by wearing V-necks. These women must avoid anything that pinches at the mid-section because their waist is thicker than their hips. They can, however, wear tunics or flowy tops with an empire waist, which means it begins at the waist and flows outwards. An apple shaped woman must choose flared pants over straight-leg pants or skinny pants.

By doing so, she adds more shape and it helps to balance out her wide shoulders or heavy upper body. If the bust is about the same as the hips and the waist, (the woman has a straight shape. ) Women who are straight or rectangular can exaggerate their curves if they want to avoid looking lanky or boyish. They can wear things that pinch at the waist that will create an illusion that they have more curve than they actually do. Just like the apple shaped women, if they want to elongate their legs, they must choose flared pants over straight-leg or skinny pants because it adds shape to their body.

Dresses or tops that wrap around the waist and cross over the chest can make the chest and shoulders look flat and square. If the hips are significantly bigger than the bust, (the woman has a pear shape. ) Pear shaped women are bottom heavy because their hips are larger than their bust. These women would want to make their hips and bottom look slimmer or they may want to exaggerate their bottom. Like the straight shaped women, they must not wear dresses that wrap around the waist and cross over the chest as it can make their bust look disproportionately tiny.

Wearing straight-leg or slightly flared pants with heels can elongate their legs. Skinny pants or pants that hug the ankles can make the lower body seem like an upside-down triangle. Flared pants can make their legs look thicker in comparison to the upper body. If the hip and bust measurements are equal with a narrow waist, (the woman has an hourglass shape. ) Women with an hourglass figure want to flatter their curves avoiding styles that can cause bulkiness or boxiness. It is suggested that these women have everything fitted where the clothes pinch slightly at the waist.

This figure is the only one where wearing a wrap around dresses is okay because the dress’s fabric is pulled in at the skinniest part of the waist, drawing attention to it. These women can also wear low and slimming necklines such as V-necks and scoop necks which slim down the bust but avoid boat necks because they can make her look top heavy. Choosing patterns and colours wisely are also helpful as( it can affect the way her body looks. ) Certain colours look different on different skin tones while some patterns can give the illusion that a woman is larger than she actually is.

This is why patterns and colours are important to know. When a woman knows what suits her then she can better aid how she dresses. Not everyone can wear every colour there is in existence because (people have different tones of skin). There is only a small range of colours that will suit a person. If someone has pale skin, they can wear jewel toned colours. Jewel tones are what precious and semi-precious gem colours are like vibrant reds, blues, greens, purples, and black. If someone has olive or tan skin, they can wear autumn tones. These would include reds, browns, oranges, and greens.

They should avoid any light or pastel colours. And if someone has a darker complexion, greens golds, reds, and purples look best. Just like people with olive skin, they should not wear pastel colours as it can make them look dull. Not all patterns will flatter a woman( if done incorrectly. ) Curvier women should stay clear of large patterns as it can make it seem like they are larger than they actually are. Instead they should wear smaller patterns or thin vertical stripes which can make them seem smaller. They can also wear patterns with closely related colours because the eyes will trick others into thinking it is a solid colour.

Women should always wear patterns with the colours that suit them. Patterns are best when they are mixed with colours of the same family. Once figuring out what is best suited for a woman (she must know how to shop). She should not just go out and spend money on clothes that she thinks will look cute on her. She has to plan it all out and buy things that will always be in style such as basics, clothing that is versatile, investing in a timeless piece, as well as knowing how to shop in a retail store and thrift stores. Understanding these saves money in the long run.

Basic clothing is anything that is a plain colour and a simple design. A navy t-shirt would be an example of what a basic is. One must focus on basics the most because they can go with anything. Basics also suit anyone with any body type. Buying basics are an inexpensive investment because when you buy them they are usually the cheapest piece of clothing in the store. They are also very good to have because they can be worn over and over again no matter what season it is. It’s always best to have more basics in your closet than outrageous clothing.

Versatility is something that can be (used many different ways). This also applies to clothes. When buying something, make sure it can be worn with many things or worn many different ways. Having versatile clothes can lighten the load on your wardrobe but also help save money. This is because money will be saved instead of going out to find something that will match other clothes that do not have anything to go with. Timeless pieces (are what can be used over and over again because they never go out of style. ) An example would be a leather jacket. This is where spending a little extra money is alright.

Spending a little more money on something will last a long time is better than continuously spending money on clothes that fall apart. It is worth it in the long run to invest in a timeless piece even if it is a little more expensive. A great way to shop is (look in stores around the mall. ) Just look at the clothes but do not buy anything. This is to get ideas and spend money elsewhere. There is always something similar and cheaper at another store but it just takes time and patience. There is also always the opportunity to look at the clearance racks.

Most stores have them when the seasons are changing over so there are a lot of things that are more than half priced off. Also, if something doesn’t seem like it’s worth the price or it won’t be worn often, save the money and move on. There is no need to spend money just because something is on marked down in price. (Thrift stores are an alternative to retail shops and the mall) Depending on the area where a person lives, they can always find things from the mall for less than what they sell it for. Thrift stores are always 90-98% off what the main retailers sell it for.

And contrary to what many people believe, the thrift store is not a disgusting place to shop. Not everything is worn. Many clothes still have their original price tags on them because the people who bought them did not follow the advice being given now. What better way to save money is to also help the community? Most thrift stores receive donations from people around the area and the prices are so low so that people less fortunate can afford to wear clothes. They also help find jobs for people who really need one especially in this economy.

Buying clothes from the thrift store also makes much more sense than going to a retail store. The prices you pay while thrifting are about the cost the companies pay to make the actual garment. All around, the thrift store is possibly the best way to save money while finding the things necessary to stay fashionable. Repurposing old clothes is very fun (if there is time and one has the basic ability of knowing how to use a sewing machine. ) Finding old clothes in a closet at home would be the best place to start. Older clothes that look worn out or have tears in them can easily have other fabrics added to them or sewn back together.

Experimentation can occur and one can add or take out other things to make the clothing item stylish. There is no specific way of doing so. Paying attention to how a garment should be washed is very important. The location of the washing care instructions is either on the back of the stores label or on the inside side seam of the clothing. Most of the time there are easily understood phrases as to how the garment should be washed and should be followed. If the steps are not followed the garment will lose vibrance or become worn out faster than it should. If the instructions say to dry clean only, there is an alternative to cleaning it.

Hand washing is always best for dry clean only clothes. Just fill a sink with cold to warm water, add some detergent, and wash with your hands. After, the garment should be left flat on a towel to air dry. Following the care of garments will make them stay with you for a long time. (Fashion does not always have to be extravagant. ) It just has to look great and make someone feel good all while saving money. Everything is a process and should take time. Being conscientious is key to staying happy with how much you spend and keeping up to date with trends.

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