Process Design Matrix OPS/571 Essay

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Process Design Matrix OPS/571

When working for Swim World Inc. it was necessary to help customers in various situations. Customers would bring in their water from pools or spas to be tested and get advice on how best to keep them balanced. It was the duty of the sales representative or manager to help the customer with this important aspect of owning a pool or spa. If the customer had an older spa and was looking at the newer spas on display then the sales representative would inform the customer about the features of the newer spas and what the positive aspects of changing spas would be.

The workforce at Swim World Inc. was very small due to the fact that it was a new store and not very well known in the small town it is in. The store was small and with two other stores in Wenatchee and Chelan it was very possible to run with just two people and weekly visits from the delivery crew and service/repair team.

With these people coming in and out of the store regularly it was little wonder that the owner only came down from the Wenatchee store once a year to survey what is being done and give the two members of the store a pep talk to get them selling more spas, patio furniture, stoves, and lawn ornaments. This plus a commission on all big ticket items helped to keep the team motivated to make customers happy and move inventory.

For the manufacturing process Papa Johns Pizza Delivery was chosen. This store is very well placed in the small town that it operates in. Located on a very busy street in Moses Lake it is centrally located and the whole town can be navigated within an easy ten minutes of the store. This allows the workers within the store to be very detail oriented. Assembling the pizza, cooking it and making sure there are no big bubbles in the dough when cooking is easily done. This makes it very pleasing to the eye and customers are less likely to complain.

Drivers can take the completed pizza and deliver it within minutes of coming out of the oven. Hot fresh pizza made with quality ingredients lets Papa Johns Pizza be one of the most successful in the small town where two other big names in the pizza business are all located. Scheduling for Papa Johns Pizza is very carefully done. A shift lead opens the store in the morning to prep for the day to come. Two drivers are there to help open the store and delivery the first orders that come in to the location. Around 1pm in the afternoon the manger and two to three more drivers come in for the afternoon rush. On Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays there are anywhere from two to three drivers for every one inside person working.

The evenings have at least a manager or assistant manager and a shift lead on the schedule with anywhere from one to three insiders plus five to six drivers on duty so that pizzas go out quickly and easily to keep customer complaints to a minimum. Both service and manufacturing businesses make sure that they keep customers happy and coming back to the business. Repeat business makes a company happy to hire more employees who adhere to the company’s motto of doing the best job possible for the customer. Scheduling and workforce are a necessary part of the business to make sure there is enough staff on hand to keep the customers from standing in line for a significant amount of time. This one-on-one approach assures customers that they are being put first and not just a pocket book of money.

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