Process Essay Topics

Writing process

I learned a lot of things in this class that I did not know before, or even just took for granted. For instance, sometimes it is hard for a student to discipline himself. Working alone, with nobody but yourself to urge you on, you tend to grow lazy. You become a procrastinator. You tell yourself,… View Article

Internationalization Process

The theory imperfect markets (Hymer 1976) focuses on how a foreign firm that has incomplete information of local conditions can productively compete in the local market. This approach observes that firms primarily entering a foreign business climate are competitively handicapped because of the additional costs of dealing with the new setting. To defeat this handicap,… View Article

The Process of Selection in Course Development

Course development starts with the proper selection of course, resources, and strategy.  In selecting the course, certain factors have to be considered, such as the level of knowledge, the level of skill, and the level of confidence that the course requires. Expertise is one of the most significant factors in selecting the course because teaching… View Article

The Process Analysis

Introduction   An essay is a comprehensive form of true and fair view of representing facts in a particular style of writing [APA, Harvard, MLA, Oxford etc.,] about a subject, issue or a topic. It  defines, briefs, describes achievements, discusses facts and ideas and projects future claims of any paramount discussion or subject.    An essay… View Article

Becoming Process

How did I become who I am? Becoming is a process sparked by inspiration. I will commit a sin naming only three people who have influenced me in one way or another. But, writing limits, I guess, are redemptive enough to permit me to choose only three. Becoming is a continuity. It is still happening…. View Article

Value of the Funeral on Grief Process

The topic of death, grief, and bereavement are not something that have been of interest only to writers and scholars in the late 20th century. From the earliest beginnings of civilization, people have been faced with death and the questions of how to facilitate it for the family members. Primitive people encountered death almost daily…. View Article

US Electoral Process

One may be surprised to realize that in the elections of 1876, 1888 and 2000, the candidates who won the nationwide popular vote went on to lose the United States Presidential vote. This may cause one to doubt whether the electoral process is indeed democratic. ‘Democracy’ was derived from the Greek word ‘demos’ defined basically… View Article

Process Identification and Analysis Paper

Abstract  The main aim of this paper is to provide a discussion on the importance of gender through popular images and historical background context.  Also in this paper it will also cover some cultural influence of gender differences in cultural development.  Finally, with the images and theoretical findings connected to it as well.  Process Identification… View Article

Process analysis letter

Effective writing is following all the guidelines needed in the paper, being able to capture the hearts and minds of the readers as well as being able to write within the reader’s expectations, keeping the reader very much interested as he is reading all along the paper. As far as I am concerned, I have… View Article

Art Making Process

The teaching of artmaking process is one in which there appear to be no right answers as it is frequently related to the teachers own understanding of the material at hand. (Schon, 1996). As art making is an open ended process there are a number of difficulties posed in instruction. One option is to engage… View Article

Engineering Design Process

An Industrial Engineer is designing a procurement process for Spinney’s Supermarket and after studying the demand for cereals, he concludes that the demand for cereals follows a normal distribution and falls between 200 to 230 boxes per week. Therefore, the demand of the cereal is a random variable because the demand can fluctuate between 200… View Article

Process Capability

Process capability studies determine whether a process is unstable, investigate any sources of instability, determine their causes, and take action to resolve such sources of instability. After all sources of instability have been resolved in a process, the natural behavior of the process is called its process capability. Process capability compares the output of a… View Article

The economic process

In order to understand externality, we define it first. Externality is either a benefit or a cost that is incurred by a third party not involve in the economic process (Johnson 2005). Some of the common externalities that everyone encounters can be divided to production and consumption externalities. Again we define the two terms. Production… View Article

What type of change process would you call this?

In order to establish a prolific collaboration from its workforce and senior management, General Electric has initiated weekly “Work-Out” meetings. These consortium meetings between employees and managers are aimed at ascertaining problems within the firm, and generating solutions in order to address each situation in tow. GE perceives such weekly meetings as a way to… View Article

Promotional Process for the Fire Department

Promotion process is an activity that is conducted in a given frequency in order that individuals in the fire department will qualify for promotion and allow taking of the testing for these individuals. Most of the fire departments require that before an individual is promoted in the rank do an exam. Most of the professional… View Article

Process of Learning

Learning is an invisible process in which the behaviour is modified in order to attain certain goals. It is a process in which an individual acquires and develops knowledge, understanding, skills, interests and attitude that are necessary to meet life’s situations. This paper briefly analyzes the process of learning. Introduction “Learning is the insatiable curiosity… View Article

Process of transportation

In the world, it is normal that resources are not ubiquitous. This means that we may have raw materials in one areas and the factory for the production of the final product is in another area. In other cases, we may have the raw materials and the industry in one area but the end users… View Article

Fish Bone Chart

ABSTRACT The experiment aims to analyze the causes of each problem (effect) identified in raw eggs and mayonnaise products during manufacturing and processing through the use of fish-bone diagrams or Ishikawa diagrams (cause and effect diagrams).Additionally, dispersion analysis and process classification type fish-bone diagrams were used. The result of the experiment showed that process classification… View Article

Methods in Identifying Business Process

Abstract This paper will discuss which information gathering methods can be used in analyzing requirements, identify which business process mapping methods should be used in analysis activities, discuss which business process mapping tools should be used in documenting analysis, indicate how the analyst would know if these methods and tools were effective in understanding the… View Article

Change Management

1.1 Introduction Barack Obama started his election campaign with a plan to renew America’s promise with the words “Change we can believe in”. His Presidential campaign was marked by changes. He wanted to change a nation and its way of acting. Throughout the campaign, Obama’s changes were aimed towards bringing a rapid end to the… View Article

Is the Classical Approach to Management Obsolete?

This essay argues the validity of the classical approach to management today. We cannot deny that businesses and organisations have evolved and changed a lot since the classical theorists, which date from the early twentieth century, but yet the main ideas about management that they gave to society are still sustainable today. The classical organisation… View Article

Group Process

It is by enhancing communication and experiencing new roles that individuals begin to appreciate the significance and worth of an action or endeavor. This immersion provides insights and learning that can increase competency and capability of each one to address the challenges and setbacks present in the specified environment. By doing these things, the idea… View Article

Jackson Pollock’s career

At first glance of a Jackson Pollock abstract paint splatter (as they are often referred) one’s first reaction is ‘he just throws and drips paint on canvas, anybody could do that; even my kid could do that’. Upon closer inspection and further research into the man and his art you realize, to be able to… View Article

Takamatsu Case Analysis

Executive Summary Takamatsu Sports Enterprise is a sporting company that has recently experienced a considerably large loss in net profit. Mr. Takamatsu has begun to look into the problem of the company and believes that Ms. Ota is the problem in the loss of sales. Although Mr. Takamatsu thinks that Ms. Ota is the problem,… View Article

Inferior quality

Group decision making is a valid procedure that most of the times ensures that the answers and decision provided are of high quality as compared to individual decision making. It nevertheless is highly dependent on the technique of group decision making that was applied. The obvious assumptions to support this claims is that many people… View Article

Analytical hierarchy process

Decision-making is human activity whereby value judgments regarding the attractiveness of preferences play a major role. There are various ways through which an organization can supplement and improve decision analysis; however, the incorporation of human decisions with technology through the design and utilization multi criteria decision analysis (MCDA) contributes towards the success of an organization… View Article

Learning is a process

Learning is a process, which requires mental capability for it to happen. There are various means by which learning takes place for example there is observational learning, intuition, or through experience. Learning is a continuous process, which happens throughout the life of a person. In education, learning takes place from the time one starts attending… View Article

The teaching process

The teaching process should allow the student and the teacher to interact and have communication between the two groups as well as have some feedback between students about what they are learning. This tool allows the students to make comments about what the teacher is doing and to allow the teacher to show things to… View Article

ISO 9000 and SEARS Quality Management System

What issues do you think that a large company such as sears had to face in implementing ISO 9000 across its vast organization? Implementing ISO 9000 is not an easy task. The ISO 9000 standards originally were intended to be advisory in nature and to be used for two-party contractual situations and for internal auditing…. View Article