Procedure for Protecting Clients Patients and Colleagues from Harm Essay

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Procedure for Protecting Clients Patients and Colleagues from Harm

The Mayor’s role as the executive of the strategic authority for London is to promote economic development and wealth creation, social development, and the improvement of the environment. The Mayor also has a number of other duties in relation to culture and tourism, including responsibility for Trafalgar Square and Parliament Square. The Mayor has a range of specific powers and duties, and a general power to do anything that will promote economic and social development, and environmental improvement, in London. Before using many of his powers the Mayor must consult with Londoners, and in all cases, the Mayor must promote equality of opportunity.

The Greater London Authority Act 2007 supplemented and updated the GLA Act 1999 and granted some additional powers to the Mayor of London and the London Assembly. The Mayor sets out plans and policies for London covering transport, planning and development, housing, economic development and regeneration, culture, health inequalities, and a range of environmental issues including climate change, biodiversity, ambient noise, waste disposal and air quality. These individual plans fit together to help deliver the Mayor’s policies. Between them, these plans must also contribute to sustainable development and thehealth of Londoners.

The mayor of London has been accused of failing to deliver on a range of climate change policies during his four-year term in office, as new figures reveal he has spent just half of an £84m green budget. London’s Green Party assembly member Darren Johnson today revealed that Boris Johnson will have underspent on environmental policies every year since being elected mayor in May 2008, meaning he has used £40m of a total £84m budget.

But Jones said the mayor ditched the 2012 target because he had “blown the budget” by investing in eight new hop-on-hop-off Routemaster buses, at a cost of £11.37m. “I think his new vanity bus has blown the budget for ensuring all buses are hybrids,” she said. “Instead of eight prototype buses, we could have had another 96 low-polluting hybrids on our roads. Pound for pound this is a bad deal for London’s environment.”

The GLA Act 1999 gives the Mayor responsibility to produce a Municipal Waste Management Strategy for London. London’s Wasted Resource, the first draft strategy for consultation with the London Assembly and functional bodies, was launched on 18 January 2010. A second draft will be published for public consultation in summer 2010, and the final strategy will be published in late 2010/early 2011.

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