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Essay, Pages 2 (411 words)



Essay, Pages 2 (411 words)


The quality of 5G promises to propel societies into an advanced era, where network connectivity and computing capability would be applied to devices, sensors along with objects thought of now as cannot be computerized. Also as IT professionals we understand and are now able to appreciate the effectiveness this 5G technology has of being a solution for future and existing problems. In this discussion we will be briefly discussing the main areas which are considered best suited with the use of 5G interventions.

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The most prominent is the use of 5G in enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB). This solution is intended in bringing expeditious mobile broadband in areas lacking and or too crowded, therefore, enabling customers’ accessibility to quality services and will also enterprise collaboration services to evolve. 5G is also expected to drive the emergence of “smart cities” and internet of things (IoT) through the installation of a number of “low power sensors networks in cities and rural areas”.

Taking a deeper interest in the possibilities 5G possesses, you’ll then be able to appreciate that this technology can increase public safety as now better vigilance of what was known as “blind spots” for security services, imagine for a second having some form of emergency help offered to you long before you are able to react and send for help, amazing right? Well that’s the idea behind it providing that the only thing that has changed is not the amount of technological devices you have but rather the intelligence the current one you own has.

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Health care also another important topic which we believe can be significantly made more efficient.

Another scenario could be to know the outcome of a procedure for a specific patient before something is even wrong with that person and can even determine a patient’s health status without them physically coming in to get a checkup. Not stopping there, transportation as we now it is only at its minimum potential as the introduction of 5G may make way for vehicles with the potential to communicate and function on its own via a command. The benefits of having your vehicle assist you or take full control when moving from point A to B is really something we should all take a look at as this can change the very way we go about our daily lives and this is in regard for all the other areas briefly discussed.

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