Problems on the KTM Trains and KRT Buses in Malaysia Essay

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Problems on the KTM Trains and KRT Buses in Malaysia

This is our recommendation report on the problems that frequently face by passengers on the KTM Trains and KRT Buses.

Our company is experiencing declining number of passengers for the past six months since February. The unit of tickets sold drops dramatically from month to month since February. Investigations had been conducted and the problems are found out and recommended solution should be carried out to avoid the declining numbers of passengers in the coming days.

The problems are identified based on our observations as well as the questionnaire’s results from our loyal customers of both of the transportation vehicles.


In order to investigate the reason of this declining in numbers of users on both transportation, we have created a few questions that may be the reason of declining numbers of user on trains and buses. Next, our group is organized into 2 small group which one group consist of three members to distribute the questionnaires and questionnaires are collect back after the individuals have finished the questionnaires.

After the questionnaires are collect back, the result are interpreted and analyzed. Then the findings will be present in term of charts and percentages.

Moreover, our group members will also experience the services that provided by both of the transports. First and foremost, one of our group members will pretend as an ordinary passenger in order to observe the behaviors and attitudes of the staffs and workers on duty. We will also check on the punctuality of the transportation by matching the standard time and the actual time of the transports depart and arrive at most of the locations.


After all our questionnaires are collect back and we have conduct observation on the behaviors and attitudes of the staffs and workers, we would like to present the reason and factor that causes the decline in term of sales unit of both trains and buses

First and foremost, the seats inside of the train are old, dirty and dusty. The seats are badly damaged by the vandalism of irresponsible passengers. Through our observation, we could noticed that some of the seat are drawn by some irresponsible passengers and some of the cushions of the seats have been torn off using sharp equipment. Some of the windows are also full with cracks that probably damage that cause by accident or passengers unmoral action.

Secondly, the train-stewards and stewardess did not serve each and every passengers on the train. Only the first and second coaches which is classified as first class coaches of the train’s customers are being served. Although services are provided, we found that the services provided by them are bad. The passengers needs are not fulfilled and most of the first class passengers also claimed that they were ignored most of the time. We also witness that one of the workers is very rude towards an old man and vulgar words are scolded by the workers.

Thirdly, most of the passengers at the bus terminal claimed that the buses are not punctual and the buses tends to delay most of the time. We also interview some of the passengers at the bus terminal, they said that the buses delay frequently, and the time period that buses delay are within half an hour to more than one hour. We also interview the worker on duty and found out that some of the reason that cause the buses to delay are technical problem on the buses and traffic jam that happened frequently. Some of the passengers also claimed that although they have sent complain letter to the headquarter of buses terminal, but no improvement or action taken by the upper management.

Fourthly, as we also get some information from the regular passengers for the bus, they claimed that bus drivers tends to drive recklessly on the road especially during night time. One of the regular customers added that majority of the drivers’ always exceed the speed limit allowed especially on the hill near Malim Nawar. They increase their speed even though the road is narrow and full of dangerous turn. Besides, some of the driver tends to neglect the safety of the passengers on whether the passenger has safely get off the bus before continue driving the bus.

Moreover, there are also some regular passengers of trains claiming that foods are sold only on gold class trains. However, most of the passengers of the gold class trains told us that although foods are sold on the trains, the taste of the food is bad and some of it said that the food is sometime too oily, salty and spicy. They also added that the taste of the food is not only bad, the price of the food are also costly and expensive, they also provide us with some true example, which is a packet of Nasi Lemak usually cost around RM1.50 per packets, however the Nasi Lemak on trains are sold around RM5.00 per packets. There are also some other religions passengers saying that it is inconvenient as the train management restrict that passengers are not allowed to bring any non ‘Halal’ foods or beverages into the trains as some of them wanted to prepare their own meals in order to enjoyed during the trip. There are also platinum class passenger complaining that it is unfair to platinum class passenger as they pay a high price and extra amount are to be paid if they need food on the trains.

Next, there are also trains passengers complaining to us that the prices of the trains are costly and expensive. As it is cost around RM16-RM25 for silver class trains, RM30-RM40 for gold class trains and RM37-RM60 for platinum trains. As the prices of the trains are expensive, most of the citizen of Malaysia claim that they unable to afford to buy the trains ticket. We also aware that there is no extra accommodation are provided for the second class passengers, the accommodation only are provided for first class passenger and platinum class passengers.

In addition, there are also some bus passengers complaining that the air-conditioner in the bus are often not working and some of them describe that the buses without a well-function air-conditioner are similar as the passengers are locked in an oven. The passengers said that complained has been made however the bus services still disappoint them all the time. Majority of the bus passengers claimed that they are poor and given no choice to take buses to work and to school.

Besides, greater part of the passengers also complaining to us that the coaches provided by the trains are very limited. Most of the passengers need to pack into a coaches although it is full in order not to be late for work or school during the peak hours. Most of the old passengers also complained that the teenagers and adults nowadays do not offer seats to them as they are senior citizen. As part of our interview, most of the female individuals also complained that they are sexually harassed when packing in the trains during peak hours. There are also some of the passengers claiming that the passengers does not give ways to some passengers when they reached their destination and causes them to miss their stations and terminal. This caused them to waste a lot of time and also cause them to waste money to buy another train ticket and at the meantime they also need to pay a total of RM50.00 as it is remedy claim by the train management for some passengers who lost their ticket or did not went down from train when they reached their destination.


Based on the customers’ questionnaires result as well as the observation from our own staff, we strongly agree that the following steps should be implementing in order to improve the numbers of users on our transportations.

We need to:

a) Renew the seats of the train and try to motivate customers through posters that it is their responsibility as well to keep the seats’ cushion in good conditions. b) Give a better training to the stewards and stewardess so they have a better performance in servicing the customers on the whole train. c) The company should have more strict regulations on the bus drivers. The drivers who are always late to pick up the customers should be punished by reducing their pay. d) The company should offer talks about the road safety and force all the bus drivers to attend them. It is for the benefits of both passenger and driver himself.


The survey that had been done by our group as well as observations has proven that the problems stated above reduce the number of passenger to take our transportation. The reason is because of bad customer services and safety not assured.

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