Problems of University Essay

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Problems of University

The social side of student life can be the most enjoyable and for some students it will be their first taste of independence. You’ll make new friends, discover new and exciting opportunities and get involved in things that you have never tried before. However, some people find themselves unprepared and the responsibility that comes with this new-found freedom hard to deal with, such as: * dealing with changing friendships.

* coping with new financial demands * balancing social life with academic life If you are returning to study after a time of working or travelling, or studying part-time, you may need to fit university around many other commitments. The challenges The personal and social challenges you may face include: * increased independence, freedom and responsibility * adapting to a new culture and lifestyle * the possibility of losing old support networks.

* establishing new friends * m.anaging your finances * finding accommodation * achieving a manageable study/life balance How the University can help you The University provides a number of support services and resources to help you adapt to university life. * The Centre for Career Development can help with all career matters * Student Financial Aid Counselling Sessions help you manage your finances * Children’s Services provides day care facilities.

* The University of Nottingham Health Service provides a range of health facilities * Accommodation Services help you find accommodation suited to your requirements * International Student Services provides international students with invaluable support and advice * The Graduate School supports all postgraduates with a variety of information, events and schemes * The Students’ Union provides social opportunities and support for students How to overcome the challenges There are a number of things you can do to overcome the personal and social challenges involved in university life: * check the Student Portal for events and opportunities.

* develop a study timetable to balance study and life responsibilities * allow yourself time to settle into the new environment * be prepared for friendship groups to change * introduce yourself to others in your lecture or tutor group * make a realistic budget and stick to it * join a sports club or society * use the gym or go to a group fitness class * become a volunteer School of Humanities University of Nottingham University Park Nottingham, NG7 2RD Contact details.

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