Problems of the Society Essay

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Problems of the Society

Many problems of modern society cannot be solved by laws and the legal system because moral behaviour cannot be legislated.

The topic very well states that many of the problems faced by the modern world cannot be solved by laws and legal system for the reason that the moral behaviour responsible for these problems cannot be legalised. To start with the very usage of words like ‘sorry’ , ‘please’ , ‘thanks’ cannot be forced by the law eventhough these words have a very high impact on the people in their day to day to activities. It is just the moral responsibility or a reflection of the moral behaviour of a person in doing so. Law can only confine or restrict a individuals physical presence but not his thoughts and perceptions.

The very fact that people have a lot of rights in a democratic country restricts the law and puts it into a backseat in controlling the moral behaviour of the people. It is for the people to act justly. A number of Prohibition experiments conducted by the Government to control the consumption of alcohol failed miserably. People never gave up and found new ways of acquiring alcohol inspite of many restrictions from the govt.

It is the people who have to understand the ill-effects of alcohol on the society and act accordingly. We have also witnessed a number of cases where people suffering with AIDS are ostracized by the community. Legal system can only help support these people physically/financially but not morally. It is the people who have to understand and act accordingly.

One important problem faced by most of the countries is that of Pollution. There are many laws enacted by the Govt. to control pollution. No doubt that these laws are helpful in controlling pollution till a extent but the real control and effect of these laws is put to question. There are factories who would prefer to do away with the rules and regulation by paying up fine/penalty for not adhering to the norms instead of regulating their methods of production because they find it more convenient financially doing so.

Air pollution can also be controlled by growing sense of awareness within the people using automobiles say the usage of multi-modal transport whenver possible instead of their personal cars and/or maintaining a sound condition of the engine of the vehicle. Instead law cannot make it mandatory for people to travel only by multi-modal transport system.

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