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Problems of Rice Production

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 4 (981 words)
Categories: Agriculture, Childhood, Economics, Family, Poverty, Production
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Rice is considered as a staple food, more than half of the world’s population depends on rice because it is a source of livelihood, with rice receiving a higher ranking. It can reach 148 million in countries such as Asia, Africa and Europe. The first rice-producing country is China in the Great Wall of China. Farmers are farming so far because rice cultivation is a traditional craft, often in poor countries such as India and the Philippines who are still farming the appropriate environment for agriculture is the wet environment.

Types of Rice. (2018, June 13). There are types of rice, the first is white rice, which is the most famous among people because of protein and vitamin B and the second is brown rice, which is healthy. It is rich in vitamins, the third is black rice healthier than brown rice. This is because it has less carbs But, there are many other uses of rice, including heat confirmation before frying and placed on metal tools to prevent them from echoing and also sometimes used as warmers for heating.

According to (“Can heating rice cause food poisoning?”, 2018) Uncooked rice can contain bacteria, a bacterium that can cause food poisoning. If you leave these bacteria can grow and become germs, where these bacteria multiply and may cause toxins that cause vomiting or diarrhea people still practice agriculture, although Environmental risk. Problems of farmers and child labor.

The major role of environmental hazards is come from heavy rain, and chemicals and pesticides play a key role in destroying the environment. Arsenic is an inorganic chemical in which rice is grown. Arsenic is found in all foods by a small percentage, but in rice is too large. Because of this large percentage of arsenic, arsenic poisoning symptoms can be a headache and diarrhea, the most affected members are the lungs and kidneys. Insecticides are also causes that destroy the environment, which is phrase chemicals that are sprayed against animals and insects Excessive use of them can lead to killing animals and fighting their effects over the years It can have a clear effect on people who are close to the farmer because they enter the human body through the air. Did you know that the effect of pesticides on soil is stronger because it destroys soil and pollutes it? Pesticide damage to soil after repeated use leads to the killing of organisms that work on soil ventilation, farmers must use organic pesticides that have no harm to humans or the environment.

In fact, there is suffering other than the pesticides farmers face in Africa Problems facing Agriculture. (n.d.). The first suffering is the lack of information among small farmers, which means beginners Lack of information leads to low level of agriculture and lack of modern methods .In addition lack of information comes from illiteracy farmers use pesticides without knowing the type of pesticides and use them above the recommended dose due to illiteracy. The second suffer is poor financial support which means lack of financial support that can improve farmers’ situation) For example, when there is financial support for farmers, their situation will improve, and agriculture will expand with the development of farming methods and machinery). But when there is no support, the standard of living decreases with the low quality of agriculture, Lack of access to fertilizers This system falls under financial weakness due to the high cost of African land and the inability of farmers to purchase it, as result as Put the farmers in one place. In addition, also low-quality agriculture due to agriculture on the same piece of land for years leading to land degradation. Poor transport is also one of the problems faced by farmers. Most of their products disappear because of the difficulty of transporting them to the market and some of their products are damaged.

“Child labor – we” (2019), child labor is one of the problems in poor countries, such as Africa and India, suffer from high child labor, which means the employment of children in agricultural occupations or other occupations, such as factories and mines, and their occupations exposure to diseases, burns and permanent and psychological damage Occasionally. These children are forced to work at an early age, give up school, play, and sometimes abandon their parents because of many family factors such as unemployment and poverty. Children can suffer from psychological damage and permanent disabilities due to insufficient information about agriculture or any other profession. Today, agriculture remains one of the most prevalent occupations in child labor with 59 children working worldwide.

To sum up, agriculture is a traditional craft practiced for thousands of years. Until now, poor countries have been practicing such agriculture, including India, which has a high rate of child labor, which means that children are forced to abandon education and work in agriculture because of family factors and poverty. And not to give them sufficient information that can cause burns, permanent disability and psychological damage. Because of poverty, farmers are placed in one place for agriculture, leading to land degradation and low-quality products. Farmers use some chemicals and insecticides to dispose of insects and their effects have been combated over the years. To solve the problems faced by farmers, the government should put financial support for farmers to expand agriculture and develop their methods. Farmers are also given land far away from their place of residence to avoid pollution and disease. In addition, transport means that transport the products after planting so as not to be lost or spoiled, farmers must use organic pesticides that have no harm to humans or the environment

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