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Problems and Consequences of Fossil Fuels

Our Unit Of Inquiry statement is In the quest for Societal advancement, people must be encouraged to take action on Global important issues. We consume Fossil Fuels faster than we ever have by producing 21.3 Billion Tonnes of carbon dioxide which is harming our planet and expect to live on this planet for thousands of generations to come? Our whole life is based around fossil fuels because wherever you go, you’ll, unfortunately, see them around you just because of the Industrial Revolution.

The Industrial Revolution changed the world and made our lives based around fossil fuels because they provided jobs and transport from getting to one place to another.

To you getting to school by bus and car is really easy but yet do you know the harm that it does to our environment and the major problem that they all have in common. Vehicles use gas or diesel which are both based on Fossil Fuels and currently are running out and we still haven’t done anything about it and we continue to pollute the only Earth that we live on.

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Fossil fuels are natural resources on Earth which we cannot make any more of meaning that once we use all of them up, we cannot make any more. Coal, Natural Gas, and Oil are all Fossil Fuels and the world right now is running of them and still, we procrastinate about it. By 2050 the majority of Earth’s Natural Resources will run out and we still do not have a solution.

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I need to secure my future and we must all path a future for all the generations to come. If I don’t do anything, this will really affect my future and could endanger it in so many ways. The problem is that we are running out of Fossil Fuels and we are also polluting Earth. In my Documentary, I will explain two causes and the consequences of those causes as well as some solutions to the Fossil Fuel Crisis. We can all make a huge difference to improve our world. ‘One Step now, One Step to a better future’.

Firstly, we are polluting our one and only Earth. By promoting the usage of Fossil Fuels, we choose to pollute our planet with carbon dioxide which harms out air and water which is known as Pollution. For example, Coal and Oil release Sulphur Dioxide gas which is extremely harmful to plants, animals and humans. By burning Fossil Fuels, it releases Carbon Dioxide which adds to the Greenhouse effect and increases Global Warming. Out of the three fossil fuels, Natural Gas produces the least carbon dioxide but does not mean that it is an eco-friendly resource that harms our environment. The promotion of the usage of Fossil Fuels started with the Industrial Revolution and it began with the people in Britain because they had all run out of firewood. So, they decided to burn Coal but once all the coal left on top of the ground was gone, they searched underground. As miners dig deeper that find Coal mines filled with water so Samuel Newcomen invents a coal-burning steam engine which will help pump all the water out. Soon Coal miners build rails that help push out the coal that they have mined as well as building a steam engine transport for Coal Miners who work underground. The steam engine idea spreads all around the world and becomes more and more popular. Michael Faraday makes the world’s first electric motor. Soon utility companies start to burn coal so they can generate electricity and at the same time Edwin Drake builds the first rock oil well. At the same time, Gottlieb Daimler builds the world’s first Automobile that runs on Petrol. After that, the Wright Brothers start the fuelled thirsty aviation by building the first aeroplane. The carbon emissions rate is climbing and getting bigger the second. World War One starts and it is the world’s first ‘fuelled’ conflict meaning that everything was powered by Fossil Fuels. World War Two brings guided missiles Nuclear bombs. Nuclear bombs were tested on many atolls in the Pacific. This has prevented civilisation on all atolls that were tested by nuclear bombs because of the Radiation. In the 1970s a massive shock spreads around the world because the world realises how dependent they are on oil and would not know what to do without it. Unfortunately, Oil prices fall making it cheaper to buy Oil so this persuades more people to use oil because it is now affordable however this will not always be the case as we are running out. Globalisation takes over when the market realises that labour is cheaper in China, so everyone now has a factory in China. Because of this China now burns half of the world’s coal to make export products. Rising CO2 levels create heat levels, droughts, and floods. Soon companies are forced to drill in oceans as the Oil underground runs out. As you can see the world uses our Fossil Fuels to harm our one and only environment. Remember that ‘One step now, One step to a better future’.

Secondly, The Main cause and reason why we are running out of Fossil Fuels are that we are using them too fast. Because of the Industrial Revolution, we have based our society all around Fossil Fuels and rely on them in our daily lives. We see fossil fuels everywhere in the world and continue to produce more items which require fossil fuels at an alarming rate which means that we only have a short period of time before they all run out. 81% of the energy on Earth comes from Fossil Fuels and have not attempted to reduce the amount of Fossil Fuel energy we use. Coal Miners mine for Coal throughout the world to supply for Power Plants which use Coal to generate electricity. Coal is a black rock found in almost every country in the world and when it is burned it releases energy in the form of Heat. Coal Mines are probably the most dangerous types of mines on earth because they can collapse and also have lots of Coal Dust (Black Smog made by Coal) which is terrible for your lungs which may lead to heart and lung problems. Scientists project that Coal will run out in 141 years from 2019 and this is a major problem for people who work at a power plant, Coal Miners and people who rely on Coal for energy. All the Coal Miners in the world will be left without jobs which will create a massive crisis. On top of that Power Plants will not have any power and will have to look for other forms of energy. If people who work at power plants can’t find a suitable form of energy that they can use, there may be a massive job crisis ahead. For people that don’t have any access to renewable sources of energy, they use Coal because currently, it is very easy to buy and use. It provides a reliable source of energy and warmth to either power homes or to give heat. Many stakeholders are yet to find a replacement for Coal. Oil is another problem because we use 1.7 Trillion Barrels of Oil a year that’s 86 Million Barrels of Oil a day. Given the amount of Oil, we use it wouldn’t come to surprise that scientists project we’ll run out of oil around 50 years from 2019. The amount of Oil that we drill from the ocean is harming our ecosystem by polluting our waters and air. Governments need Oil to make money because most governments are in charge of the Oil Industry and sell oil to other countries that do not have a supply of oil. Other stakeholders are people who work in Oil companies because without Oil there would be nothing to drill and search for and would leave all the workers jobless. Oil Refineries are really dangerous because it is extremely flammable, take the Deepwater Horizon oil spill which killed 17 people due to the massive explosion. The is a huge amount of demand for oil which puts lots of pressure on Oil Refinery workers. Your Ballpoint Pen, Nylon Bag and a fleece jacket are all made from oil and will not be able to produce anymore once the oil runs out. Natural Gas is also pumped from the ocean just like Oil and is easily found in millions of homes around the world. Natural Gas cooks your food on a low flame and powers some homes and well as heating them. Natural Gas is getting more expensive as it is becoming more scarce and harder to find. Most scientists predict that there would only be 90 years left of natural gas at the current rate then we are going which is too fast. Everyone on Earth is a Stakeholder for Natural Gas because it provides many things for us and to imagine that in 90 years we will run out of Gas. We need to change how much Gas we use and must rely on renewable resources. The most significant event in history related to the usage of fossil fuels was the Great Depression. The Great Depression is most notable for overproduction and this happened because people were making things so fast that people didn’t them at that speed. People were jobless because they had just made too many things. That is why we should not waste our natural resources because if we do a scenario like the Great Depression may occur again. Remember that ‘One Step Now, One Step to a Better Future’.

Finally, Why do we need alternative fuels? Fossil Fuels provide reliable energy sources however are not renewable. Wastes produced by cars, factories and coal-burning power plants are terrible for humans to breathe in because of the fine black smog and the reason of this is because the black smog (carbon) goes into your lungs. It is really dangerous for young children and older adults because and people with lung and heart diseases and can cause death if inhaled too much. Some alternatives to Fossil Fuels are Biomass Energy. The proposal to use Biomass energy has actually been around for quite a long time and is a great alternative. Biomass is another word for the energy that comes from plant and animal remains just like Fossil Fuels (Fossil species/animal). Biomass energy is split up into many different forms such as Switchgrass. Switchgrass is used by farmers to cover a plot of land that cannot be used for growing crops. Many Plant scientists claim that Switchgrass is a great source of energy because it has lots of energy and is very reliable. This can be burned in stoves to heat home and can also be used to provide energy for electrical power plants. It can also be made into a fuel called Ethanol that can be used in cars as an alternative for petrol. Surprisingly the majority of the world’s first automobiles ran on Ethanol because it was affordable and always available. As Petrol prices got cheaper in the 1920s Petrol was suggested as a cheap replacement for Ethanol. Ethanol is made from Corn, Sugar Beets and. Sugar Cane which all normally used to help make Ethanol. A second alternative to Petrol (Natural Gas) which is widely used in West Africa is Jatropha seeds. The reason for this is because they produce a certain oil that can help power electric motors in Cars. An example is in Mali where the locals in the villages live too far from power lines so Jatropha seeds are a great alternative to provide cooking, lighting and powering small machines. Thirdly another alternative is Cow Manure and the reason is that it contains Methane gas in it which helps make electricity. Cow manure energy is a source of Biomass energy that is collected in tanks which are heated to produce electricity. After that, the Methane Gas is moved to pipes where it can be used in homes and businesses for electricity. Most of these alternatives are used in Africa where the majority of the continent is powered by Biomass Energy. However, in other places, it is not so common with the statistics accounting for 2.3% of the energy used in the United States and less than 1% in the United Kingdom. Hydrogen cars are also a great alternative because they produce zero pollution. Hydrogen is a clean fuel that can be used as a replacement for Fossil Fuels and is becoming more popular in the Automobile industry. Instead of using Oil in Plastic we can use Bioproducts because they are made out of recyclable material and can easily break down and can be used in Biofuel. Plastic is made from Oil and petroleum and does not break down very well because it takes 100 years for one plastic bag to break down in a landfill site. As you can see the world has many opportunities to replace Fossil Fuels as ‘One step now, One step to a better future’.

The time is now to change our practice of Fossil Fuels. We always dream about what we would like to do when we grow up however what is there dream when you’ve got a polluted Earth to live on. If we don’t change how much fossil fuels we consume and how much we waste clouds will become grey, lights won’t work & there may be a possibility of regular power cuts. No one would want to live in a condition like that so we must use our resources on Earth wisely and choose a renewable, clean and efficient resource if we want to live on the clean Earth that it is supposed to be. I think that the time now is to change because we still have enough time to upgrade our infrastructure and secure a great future for the planet’s population. We should make use of the plants that we have because they are renewable resources and use them by heating them in homes and to power big cities we can use Biodiesel and Ethanol to power cars. It can happen really easily but all we need is the support of you. By choosing clean renewable energy options we can make an assumption that the Earth will live on as the beautiful place that we know it is for all the future generations to come. All we need is one small step to make a difference to earth’s emissions. If one person can reduce the number of fossil fuels we use there will at least be a difference in fossil fuels used and if we can persuade others to take action and do so. ‘One step now, One step to a better future’.

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