Problems And Barrier To Implement Of Osha 1994 Construction Essay

Problem Statement

Malaysia building industry is the higher human deaths compared with among all the industry in Malaysia table 1 Occupational accident by sector for the class of decease from 2009 April to 2011 April shown at below. ( Department of Occupational Safety and Health ( DOSH ) , 2009-2011 ) . Implementing safety and wellness demand should be portion of Contractors responsible. ( Dongping.F, et al. , 2006, P: 434 ) Contractors comply with Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994 and Factories and Machinery Act 1967 to implementing safety and wellness demand for the building site to do the act efficaciously minimise the accident rate and human deaths.

( Omran, et al. , 2008 )




Public Services and Statutory Bodies




Financial, Insurance, Real Estate and Business Service




Hotel and Restaurant




Sweeping and Retail Trade




Transport, Storage and Communication








Agribusiness, Forestry, Logging and Fishing








Mining and Quarrying








Table Occupational accident bu sector for the class of decease from 2009 April to 2011 April.


A survey into the effectiveness Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994 and Factories and Machinery Act 1967 in cut downing human deaths and hurt rates in Malaysia building site.

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To analyze of Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994 and Factories and Machinery Act 1967 the effectivity by contractors to implement at building site.

To place the barrier facing by contractor of implementing Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994 and Factories and Machinery Act 1967 on building site.

To place the implement of Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994 and Factories and Machinery Act 1967 on existent building site.


The OSHA Malaysia is effectual on 24 February 1994 ( Act 514 ) . An act is to guarantee safety, wellness and public assistance of individuals who are at work and to protect other individual against safety hazard or wellness in connexion with the activities of individuals at work.

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( Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994 ( OSHA ) , s.1 )

Occupational safety and health administration 1994 really is quoted Occupational Safety and Health Act. The objects of OSHA 1994 have written and are under subdivision 4. An object of OSHA1994 is to procure the safety, wellness and public assistance of individuals who are at work and to protect individuals at a topographic point of work other than individuals at work against jeopardies. Not merely for that had the act besides had to advance an occupational environment for individuals at work which is fit to worker physiological and psychological demands.

The last object of the act is to supply manner or method harmonizing related to the occupational safety and wellness statute laws can be bit by bit replaced by an establishment of ordinances and permitted the industry codifications of pattern operating in combination with the commissariats of the legislative act, designed to keep or better the safety and wellness criterions. ( OSHA, s.4 ( a-d ) )

FMA 1967 ( Act 139 ) is to supply for the control of mills with regard to affairs associating to safety, wellness and public assistance of individual therein, the enrollment and review of machinery and for affairs connected therewith. Those machinery which is high hazard for operate such as nomadic Cranes, tower Cranes and etc must be certified and inspected by DOSH. ( Factories and Machinery Act 1967 ( FMA ) , s.1 )

Harmonizing to DOSH authorities web site mentioned that, all mills and general machinery must be registered with DOSH before they can be installed and operated. Factories or any companies require to utilize machinery their must necessitate to obtain a permission to put in machinery by subjecting relevant paperss to their nearest DOSH offices. The permission to put in machinery is for each clip certificated machinery or new aides installed.


Data aggregations methodological analysiss categorized as two chief ways there are secondary beginning and primary beginnings. Secondary beginning is get information from paperss such as personal records, service record, books, diaries, newspaper and etc. Primary beginning are few methods such as questionnaire, interview, instance survey and etc. ( Kumar, 2005, P: 118 )

For this research rubric is comparative with safety and wellness demand therefore the secondary informations beginning will obtain a batch of information which is collected from book, relevant rubric of articles and relevant record publish from the sections of occupational safety and wellness.

The nonsubjective one and two of this research paper which is to analyze of Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994 and Factories and Machinery Act 1967 the effectivity by contractors to implement at building site and to place the barrier facing by contractor of implementing those two Acts of the Apostless at building site. The first aim can be achieved by reading those two Acts of the Apostless to understand which should implement by the contractors. The 2nd aim can be achieved by reading more books to happen out the effectivity and barrier that contractors may be confronting when they implement the two Acts of the Apostless at building site.

In add-on, questionnaire is appropriate primary informations beginning to acquire information for this research paper. Because of the research is time-limited and questionnaire is the easiest and speedy methodological analysis.

Open inquiry is the respondent could be answer in their ain words. This unfastened inquiry can be generated chiefly qualitative informations. The advantages for unfastened inquiry are supplying deepness and valuable information provided by respondent able to showing their ain sentiments. Respondents have the chance to show themselves freely, ensuing in a wider assortment of information. ( Kumar, 2005, P: 132 )

Harmonizing to Kumar ( 2005 ) stated that questionnaires restricted two basic types of inquiry there are closed-ended which called as closed inquiry and open-ended or called as unfastened inquiry. Closed inquiry is researcher set out the reply such as “ yes ” or “ no ” and allow the respondent to replies. Although there is a disadvantages of closed inquiry which is non plenty of deepness and assortment of the information obtained, sometime the reply provided are non genuinely reflect respondent their ain position or sentiment. Through the closed inquiry for questionnaire is to guarantee that literature view the position and thoughts that is appropriate for respond from the respondents.

For this research paper will be entire 100 sets of questionnaires given to respondents sing nonsubjective two and three will be set for the inquiry. The respondents could be contractors, site staff, site agent, undertaking director and other parties which experience and cognition for safety and wellness at building site.

Ushers to Research Chapter

In this research paper will be content entire five chapters. Chapter 1 is the debut and job statement of the research rubric. Then is the purpose and aim of the research paper. The purpose is achieved by through implemented the aim that have be set out.

Chapter 2 is the literature reappraisal is through reading more articles and books or other resources which are concern to the research rubric and obtain the similar thought for those beginnings and compose out the literature reappraisal base on the aim stated.

Chapter 3 is research methodological analysis for this research paper will transport out the questionnaire. The mark of the respondents will be contractor and individuals who are related to building site. Those questionnaires will be set out 100 sets and informations will be collected base on this phase which mean in this chapter.

Chapters 4 are analysis the informations and transport out the consequence of the analysis in chapter. After the consequence had been analysis the issues can be identified from the findings. Those informations will be presented by utilizing saloon chart and etc.

Chapter 5 will be the last portion of the research paper. This chapter will be decisions and recommendations after those advancements had been gone through. This chapter besides is to guarantee that the research purpose has achieved through implementing those three nonsubjective and the recommendations will be suggested in this chapter.



Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994 ( OSHA ) and Factories and Machinery Act 1967 ( FMA ) is a legislative model in Malaysia building industry to give promote to the building industry, progress and aid to hold better or high criterions of safe and healthy on the job civilization. The statute laws are enforcement by Department of Occupational Safety and Health ( DOSH ) . The DOSH are under Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia. The section is bureau of authorities to implement those statute laws to advance and heightening Malaysia building site quality of working life. ( Mudrikah, 2010 )

In this research paper, the method to cut downing the accident rate in building industry is Contractors have to implementing with the rigorous safety and wellness regulative models for forestalling, monitoring and describing inauspicious events for the building site. Contractors should follow with those effectual safeties and wellness demand to efficaciously minimise the accident go on on building worksite. ( Dorji et al, 2009 )

Problems and barrier to implement of OSHA 1994

Table 1 demoing that building industry is among the highest accident rate and human deaths industry in Malaysia occupational rankings. The highest accident rate and human deaths happen in building site one of the ground may because the act is non effectual and at that place have a legal loophole.

Before amend the OSHA 1994 subdivision 29 safety and wellness officer there is no punishment. But after amended become the OSH ( Safety and Health Officer ) Regulations 1997 and OSH ( Safety and Health Officer ) Orders 1997 have a punishment if the contractors do non follow to use competent individual as safety and wellness officer and other responsibilities in guaranting such forces could execute his responsibilities efficaciously and define category of industry to name competent safety and wellness officer both are punishment same status which is maximal RM5000.00 or maximal six months imprisonment or both.

Section 29 has been amended by the Minister to OSH ( Safety and Health Office ) Regulation 1997 after amended stated that any edifice operation and any work of technology building when the entire contract monetary value of the building undertaking which is transcending 20 million of ringgit Malaysia the contractors should use a safety and wellness officer or other responsibilities in guaranting such forces could execute his responsibilities efficaciously. ( Safety and Health Officer ) Order1997. ( Occupational Safety and Health Regulation 1997, s.29 )

Some of the building undertaking the entire contract amount may non transcending twenty million harmonizing to OSHA subdivision 29 mentioned that means contractors is non necessary to follow and name the safety and wellness officer on their workplace. If unfortunate accident happened cause site workers injury or decease at building site is that whether should be the carelessness of the contractors because his has full comply with the OSHA 1994 or the legal is so imperfect because merely the undertaking transcending twenty million of ringgit Malaysia contractors should to name a safety and wellness officer.

Harmonizing to OSHA 1994 subdivision 18 responsibilities of safety and wellness officer his had a of import responsibilities at the building site one of it is to rede contractors step of the site workers their involvements of the safety and wellness and their duties besides included to inspect the workplace determine whether any machinery or equipments or procedure of work may hold the opportunities apt site worker hurts or harmful their organic structure.

If accident is happen safety and wellness officer have to subject study informs on the figure and types of accidents which had occurred in the workplace to the DOSH harmonizing to OSHA 1994 subdivision 19 stated.

Since subdivision 29 of OSHA had mentioned that merely entire contract amount transcending twenty million building undertakings is required to name a safety and wellness officer. Furthermore, the workplace is happen any accident, unsafe happening, occupational toxic condition or occupational disease which has occurred or may hold opportunity occur on the worksite harmonizing OSHA subdivision 32 to inform the nearest DOSH office. If accident had occurred which is building undertaking non transcending twenty million entire contract amount who are traveling to take safety and wellness officer his responsibilities to describe to DOSH is that means little undertaking is non an accident happen.

The intent of coverage of accident incidences to DOSH is to determine the root causes and enable to take remedial actions for bar hereafter occurrences similar status. The study incidence is of import database for DOSH the database is to analyse strategic planning, direction and jurisprudence enforcement. The informations recorded by the safety and wellness officer is required in order to analyse the consequences of fusion and to guarantee statistical cogency. ( DOSH, 2004, P: 4 )

Safety and wellness organisation shall be implementing by the Contractors those individual are profession and acquire preparation for safety and wellness programme. Those safety and wellness officer with qualified their function are provide appropriate advice to the site workers their duty for the safety in the site and to advance and promote the planning and execution of the necessary and effectual steps in minimising the hazard and to cut down the accidents rate. ( Construction Confederation, 2008 )

The job may be originate if contractors they do non name safe and wellness officer or site safety supervisor there is no professional individual at worksite to develop for new site workers or instrumental promote a safe and healthy working environment on workplace.

Furthermore, most of the site workers are aliens like Indonesia, Pakistan, Myanmar, Bangladesh or etc. Those foreigner workers they may be deficiency of cognition to protect themselves. They might ne’er been exposure with the building non to advert that they have experience to get by with the immense building undertakings. Therefore, the bad attitude and behaviour is belonging to the building it will so rapid increasing the accidents rates. ( Wee Lee, 2010, P: 22 )

Harmonizing to Wee Lee ( 2010 ) there may hold another legal loophole in Malaysia. Malaysia safety and wellness officer they do non hold autonomy power therefore they can non purely implement the ordinance. Furthermore, the safety and wellness officer is employed by the contractor. The contractors may be given to concealing the accident happening on site and do non follow with describing accident go on on their site or even threatened their safety direction staff do non describe to DOSH that is because the accident of worker may do lost productive clip for DOSH officer semen over to inspection the accident countries. The building site accident rate has been increasing merely because of these unhealthy patterns in Malaysia. ( Wee Lee, 2010, P: 15 )

Although appoint a safety and wellness officer of building site have effectual cut down the hazard of accident rate. But harmonizing to Rabani ( 2010 ) mentioned that many contractors they are non cognizant the of import function for appoint a safety and wellness officer at building site. Therefore, many contractors they neglect to name a safety and wellness officer. ( Rabani, 2010, P: 3 )

Harmonizing to Kit Keng ( 2004 ) mentioned that when the accident happen at site it may do contractors suffer losingss in term of the productiveness and affected their net income. Accident happen may take down down the productiveness this may merely because of site worker may because their colleague happen accident cause hurt or decease which may impact their physical and psychological fright they were worry to go the following victims. Therefore, may happen a deficit of workers on site because they may make non desire to work in an accident workplace. Because of that cause the building work hold and can non be completed on clip. Contractor suffers losingss impact his net income paid site worker to work over-time to rush up the plants and completed at agenda clip.

In fact, hapless safety background really will do high insurance premium harmonizing to Kit Keng mentioned contractors there are ever think that every bit long as he had purchase a insurance to protect themselves from the direct losingss caused by the accident happen at building site, but really some of the contractors they do non cognize how much had his to pay the insurance premium.

Last, some of the contractors think that safety and wellness officer is non necessary for employ at his workplace. But as a affair of fact the contactors should use a qualified individual ‘s act as safety and wellness officer. ( OSHA, s.6 ( 1 ) )

In add-on, harmonizing to OSHA 1994 Section 16 have been revised to OSH ( Employers ‘ Safety and Health General Policy Statements ) ( Exception ) Regulation 1995 by the Minister. The subdivision 16 been amend that, if the organisation has more than five employees than the employer and freelance individual has their responsibility to explicate the safety and wellness policy. ( Occupational Safety and Health Regulation 1995, s.16 )

However, the OSHA 1994 subdivision 16 had been modified become better and item for the demand of safety and wellness policy. But after amend the act from pervious punishment upper limit RM5000.00 or maximal two old ages imprisonment or both become non punishment required for the Regulation 1995 which mean the safety and wellness policy is non an of import for the building site and site workers. In instance, the contractors did non supply the safety and wellness policy to their workers is without any punishment. ( CIDB, 2010, pp: 20-21 )

Harmonizing to Kit Keng ( 2004 ) mentioned that, the barrier to the implement safety and wellness demand at building site is because the contractors seen the safety and wellness demands required a large seeable cost to implement. Therefore, they frequently do non follow with the statute law demand in their workplace as provide the safety and wellness organisations.

Conclusion given the above job is the OSHA 1994 it still contains a small spot of jobs and the contractors have the alibi to short-circuit some of the duties that he should follow with and implementing at his workplace to cut down the accident occurred at the site.

Effective to implementing OSHA 1994

Construction industry is highest jeopardy among all industry hence to effectual minimise the accident rate and fatalities the building undertaking should through a good planning and co-ordination before the building undertaking start. Therefore, the contractor plays an of import function to implement safety and wellness duty from the construct to the building completion.

One of the effectual ways to convey in safety and wellness in early phases is integrated safety and wellness into tendering phase. Therefore, contractors are required to show that they have an appropriate safety and wellness direction system and to verify its execution in pattern and his required to follow with contract specific occupational safety and wellness demand. ( CIDB, 2010, pp: 4-5 )

Select those possible contractors which are appropriate evaluate the safety and wellness for the undertaking. Implement safety and wellness included in contract like PAM Contract 2006. Harmonizing to PAM 2006 contractors his standard missive award his is entitles to get down building plants at site his is required to secure and subject contractor ‘s all hazards insurance, workman compensation and public presentation bond to the designer or measure surveyor before the contractors merely allowed get downing the building works.

Although OSHA 1994 and FMA 1967 is able to take legal action but bound the safety and wellness include in contract will be more effectual. Because of contract is adhering that able enhance strict to implementing safety and wellness through taking legal action.

Net income is the end of most concern is really the building industry is besides had the same end. The manner to effectual cut downing the accident for the building site may through utilizing attack bar of hurts and decease with implementing occupational safety and wellness direction system. ( CIDB, 2010, P: 42 )

Harmonizing to Kit Keng ( 2004 ) mentioned that contractors seen the seeable larger sum for implementing the occupational safety and wellness direction system in his building undertaking but implementing the safety and wellness direction systems is efficaciously cut downing of hurt and decease at building site and benefits to contractors his are achieved through turning away of hold to his building undertaking in order to increase his net income every bit early as completion of the building undertaking.

Harmonizing to CIDB ( 2010 ) stated that, the rules of an occupational safety and wellness direction system contain program, do, look into and move ( PDCA ) . Inside the program there are mentioned the safety and wellness policy had to supply at the building site to introduction the safety and wellness plan. The safety and wellness policy should be ever up-to-date and acquire cognizant to the site workers which mean the safety and wellness policy is really of import. Therefore, if the contractors are non following with OSHA ordinance 1995 at his workplace his is be get punishment.

Besides, implementing and set up a safety and wellness commission if the state of affairs is construct a condominiums it may hold 40 or more than 40 workers including those staffs hired by employer or workers supply by the bomber contractors in this instances the direction concatenation will take to more than 40 worker being engaging or work on the building undertaking. ( Wee Lee, 2010, P: 13 ) Contractors should implement to organize a safety and wellness commission because there are a batch of workers at the building site. Otherwise, the Contractors get instructed by the Director General of DOSH that the workplace is required that to organize the safety and wellness commission.

Both employee and direction are represented for the safety and wellness commission this is to maintain on reappraisals the building site conditions. Because of deficiency of reviews conditions on worksite there may impact worker on site or public environing their safety and wellness. ( OSHA, s.30 )

Harmonizing to OSHA subdivision 29 and 30 really contractors should use a full clip competent individual act as safety and wellness officer and so set up a safety and wellness commission at building. Safety and wellness commission must be maintaining on reappraisals the building site status. Therefore, at least one time every three months the safety and wellness commission shall carry on periodical review and audit on site and supply indispensable advice on safety issues besides drafting and bettering the company ‘s OSH guidelines and process. ( Rabani, 2010, P: 47 ) ( OSHA, s.29, s.30 )

Introduction of FMA 1967

Contractors non merely had the duties to follow with the OSHA 1994 but Contractors had the duty demand to follow with the FMA 1967 excessively. FMA 1967 chiefly is using by mills and building site. The Contractors should understand more about the Factories and Machinery Act 1967, which will assist the contractors able to implementing the act on the building site.

This is duty of the contractors to keep all their machinery which is appropriate and safe to runing status and supply with implement safety steps in building site operations. ( Rabani, 2010, P: 52 )

Besides, the FMA 1967 subdivision 36 and ordinance 7 of FMA ( Notification, certification of fittingness and review ) Regulation 1970 stated that any of the machinery should acquire permission to put in the machinery on building site is required certification of fittingness.

Harmonizing to FMA 1967 subdivision 35 stated that, any building undertaking should affect utilizing machinery or works to transport out the building work. Merely in the instance that the building undertaking is able completed in a period less than six hebdomad and does non necessitate or affect utilizing any machinery for their building undertaking so the contractor is does non necessitate to advise to DOSH.

FMA 1967 Section 56 have been revised to FMA ( Building Operations and Works of Engineering Construction ) ( Safety ) Regulation 1986 by the Minister. ( FMA, s.56 ) Part I regulation 3 Application stated that these ordinances are applied by the edifice operations and to plants of technology building. Section 56 Regulations have entire 17 parts divided showed in agreement of ordinance. ( Factories and Machinery Regulation 1986, r.3 )

In this research paper was discoursing about the building undertaking which contractors should implementing to minimise the machinery jeopardy cause site workers hurt and decease at building. Therefore, in this research documents will be focus on Part II General Provisions.

Statutory of FMA 1967

Since table 1 demoing that building industry is the highest accident of human deaths rates. Therefore, machinery at building shall besides to see and follow with FMA 1967. Harmonizing FMA ordinance 1986 ordinance 25 appoint a site safety supervisors to inspecting and rectifying any insecure topographic point of work and rectifying any insecure pattern on building site this is to guarantee the safety, wellness and public assistance of site workers.

Appoint a site safety supervisor will be same demand with safety and wellness officer which is individual who is making. Site safety supervisor at that place must hold at least lower limit of two old ages site chiefs experience. Their besides have the responsibility to look into the sub-contractor work which is to guarantee sub-contractor have comply with the Malaysia statute law.

If the contractor appoint a portion clip site safety supervisor and the peculiar portion clip site safety supervisor shall pass at least 15 hours per hebdomad and advancing safe behavior of work at building site. ( Factories and Machinery Regulation 1986, r.25 )

Otherwise appoint a portion clip site safety supervisor if the building site employed more than 20 site workers on a workplace contractor shall name a contractor ‘s safety supervisor. The contractor ‘s safety supervisor shall pass at least five hours per hebdomad and advancing a safe behavior to his site workers. Contractor ‘s safety supervisor demand will be same with site safety supervisor with at least two old ages site foreman experience and making. ( Factories and Machinery Regulation 1986, r.26 )

The building work site which is employed 50 individuals or more than it shall set up a safety commission. The safety commission members will be both employee which mean including sub-contractors and contractors and besides direction members to be represented. Purpose for safety commission is to maintain and reexamine safety and wellness status in workplace. ( Factories and Machinery Regulation 1986, r.27 )

The safety commission shall name senior member of contractor ‘s staff at building site and the safety commission shall dwell the site safety supervisor, the full contractor ‘s safety supervisors and others site worker. The safety commission should run into at least one time a month. ( Factories and Machinery Regulation 1986, r.27 )

Furthermore, contractors should implement strict on machinery installed regulations on FMA Regulation 1986 ordinance 6 merely similar machinery installed on any floor above the land floor at that place have a ordinance to command over like any floors above the land of any edifice or constructions are non allowed to utilize machinery.

Merely if the floor or construction has been designed or constructed there are able to back up the burden of the machinery or extra strengthen intent so contractors is allow to utilize or run the machinery on the peculiar edifice or constructions. Contractor should keep their machinery which is ever in good and safe status his is require to guarantee around the machinery environing significance that the rider walk manner is free from any loose stuff or non-slippery status. This is to forestall those site workers would non fall down towards to the machines and caused hurt or decease. Harmonizing to this ordinance 6 if the contractors are non comply with it his will be mulcts non transcending RM2000.00.

Besides, stealing is easy to go on on building site. Therefore, Contractors should do certain the surfaces of the passageway sanded or covered or removed. If any passageway such as platform, scaffold or otherwise of elevated working surface is slippy and doing the workers fall down found out is the carelessness of the contractor they do non supply slip-safe terms to minimise the slipping jeopardies on the building safe harmonizing to the FMA Regulation 1986 ordinance 8 the contractors would be punishment non transcending RM2000.00.

Contractors have the duty to maintain or stay the worksite passageways with do non hold any soil and dust or other obstructor object may do site workers stumbling. Contractor should minimise those accretions of soil and dust on worksite by instructed his site agent to keep for it and site agent is Contractors representative on building site. In add-on, the dust shall be handled and disposed-off by a method which will non harmful to individual and the dust is non allow to roll up is may represent a jeopardy to the worker on site. ( Factories and Machinery Regulation 1986, r.22 )

Furthermore, contractors should besides hold to guarantee at worksite there is do non hold any projection may or could cut site workers if any, contractor or his representative should take it or made safe to forestall site workers injury or decease. ( Factories and Machinery Regulation 1986, r.9 )

Construction site the most of import is provide workers a safe entree to workplace. First, Contractors must guarantee the building site provided proper staircases ; inclines or tracks. ( Factories and Machinery Regulation 1986, r.10 )

Harmonizing to FMA Regulation 1986 ordinance 15 stated that, some of the worker who are work in wet concrete may wet their pes contractors shall supply suited rainproof boots to protect site workers foots acquire hurts. Malaysia conditions is ever raining and it can non be predicted hence erstwhile site worker necessarily work on raining twenty-four hours. Contractor shall provided worker waterproof coat and chapeau when site workers work on raining twenty-four hours at building site. The punishment to those contractors they are do non supply is mulcts non transcending RM2000.00.

Besides, site workers should acquire protective dress merely like if worker their do non have on a safety helmet entree to building site when the building undertaking is construct more than two storey high constructing the workers may acquire higher hazard to acquire serious caput hurt or may do decease and all people who are executing any work or services in worksite they should have on safety helmets. ( Factories and Machinery Regulation 1986, r.24 )

Barrier that contractors tend to make non follow to supply all safety helmets and safety boots is because the cost of purchasing standard helmet and safety boots are really dearly-won by and large the building site are employ many site workers. Furthermore, contractors provide safety helmets and safety boots to his site worker at the same time the contractors shall use a site safety supervisor or a contractor ‘s safety supervisor to guarantee the site worker wear proper equipments.

Harmonizing to Kit Keng ( 2004 ) mentioned that, good safety records may pull lower insurance premium. Provides safety helmet and safety boots can be efficaciously cut downing the hurt and decease rates. Therefore, manner to execution is to guarantee all the site workers wear the safety equipments decently the employer or designer they representative which mean undertaking director and site staff should hold the duty to command by utilizing mulcts the site workers they own salary to penalize them to guarantee they comply with the safety and wellness ordinance to protect themselves safer.

The electrical jeopardies is serious if the contractors did non look into any portion of an electric power circuit which is exposed or hidden by utilizing instruments to happen out the electric power circuit location and public presentation. The intent to make so is because of the site worker they may utilize the air hammers or other manus tools working as drill through the land.

Hence, the Contractors shall post and keep proper the warning marks which is utilizing national linguistic communication where is such circuit exists. Contractors have the duties advice his site workers that the location of such lines and the jeopardies may affect with advice them to take protective steps and if executable the electric power circuit shall be cut off to guarantee the site workers be safe and the hazard of electric daze. ( Factories and Machinery Regulation 1986, r.16 )

Regulation 16 ( 4 ) stated that the Contractors is non allow to allow his site workers work in such propinquity to any portion of the electric power circuit which may exposes to them merely if the Contractors provided his site workers protected against the electric daze by the effectual electrical insularity. In building work sites underground electric power lines were hidden hence the precise location for the electric power lines is unknown. ( Factories and Machinery Regulation 1986, r.16 )

Therefore harmonizing to FMA Regulation 1986 ordinance 16 mentioned, the contractors should supply to his workers with insulated protective baseball mitts and insulated protective footwear, to forestall they had hazard get contact with such electric power lines.

All the wiring should non looped over nails or brackets and shall be supported on proper dielectrics. Besides, no wiring shall be left on the land or the floor of a edifice merely if necessary require lay the electric wiring on the land or the floor so the wiring should be utilizing rainproof types of wiring and able to defy with the wear and tear. ( Factories and Machinery Regulation 1986, r.16 )

The bare wire or other unprotected music directors should non able to located within 4 metres of any surface where the topographic points the workers may work or go through by merely if decently guarded by fencing or any other barrier. ( Factories and Machinery Regulation 1986, r.16 )

Contractors should decently earthed where any electrical contraptions and current carrying equipment at that place have a commissariats made for earthing. All impermanent electrical installings in edifice should supply with earth escape circuit surfs. ( Factories and Machinery Regulation 1986, r.16 )

Regulation 16 ( 12 ) stated that all electrical installings in edifice should follow with the demand of the proper local authorization and of the electrical installing must tested and approved by the Chief Electrical Inspector or his representative. ( Factories and Machinery Regulation 1986, r.16 )

Any work is being executed or close propinquity to the main road or any topographic point where public vehicular traffic may do danger to the worker working on site, those working country should be set up barrier and with proper warning marks and warning visible radiations. Furthermore, if necessary the designated individuals shall be involved to specially command over the traffic. ( Factories and Machinery Regulation 1986, r.17 )

Harmonizing with the Road Traffic Ordinance 1958 stated all the vehicles used at building site should be registered with proper local authorization. No individual is allowed to drive a vehicle of any category in a building site merely if the individual is holder a drive licence and authorising the individual to drive a vehicle of that category. ( Factories and Machinery Regulation 1986, r.17 )

Harmonizing to FMA Regulation 1986 ordinance 20 stated the contractors shall be provided sufficient light at passageways, staircases and landings and the light should non be less than 50 lx. Aim to supply sufficient light is because wherever individuals are required to work or go through by the workplace with the sufficient light is to keeping the safe working status to the worker.

All edifice stuff is required to hive away or stacked in a safe and orderly manner to forestall there are non obstruct any passageway or any workplace on building site. Material heap besides should be stored or stacked in same manner to guarantee the stableness. Material and equipment should be stored on any floor or platform and non be stored or placed so close to any border of a floor or platform as to jeopardize individuals below. No wall, chimney or other construction or portion of a construction should be left without any restrained. The intent to hold the ordinance is because those material and construction which is non stable enough it may doing autumn, prostration or weaken due to bad conditions as stronger air current force per unit area or quiver. ( Factories and Machinery Regulation 1986, r.21 )

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