Problems American Society facing In Today World Essay

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Problems American Society facing In Today World


In today society there are many reason we can point out and say, this is the problem that society is like it is today, but the truth is we needs facts, not opinion. There are statistic on why families were like they were in 1960 and what changes have come about in today time. There will be changes in families till the day we die, changes comes about every second of everyone life. Identify Important or significant changes in families since 1960? What factors are responsible for this change? Male dominance has played a major role as of domestic around the world. We have in many cultures reversal gender roles in regards to household chores. Household chores were a job just for the woman not the man, but In today society we have, men now staying home, either because they are laid off or have not been successful in finding employment, they are taking care of the kids, doing the cooking, household chores.

More women are financially independent now, because some men feel more superior then women, and having a wife who is the bread winner gives some men an inferior complex. With all these emotion up in the air, soon comes abuse (for some), agreement to file for divorce, come into play. Today statistic states that divorce in United States is the highest industrial in the nation. Divorces sometimes cause children to react to that divorce thinking that it is their fault, so they go out do drugs to take the pain way, some really goes into a psychotic breakdown, you have some that just become trouble kids or when they get older learn from what they seen their parents do and go through the same things because of what they had seen when they were young. On the balance, are families becoming weaker or simply different in society? What evidence can you cite?

Today’s numbers have shown us that our families have become weaker, in our American society. There are a couple of ways one could make a proposal on how to strengthening the family, one could start by going into a marriage with love and true understanding, through thick and thin. Also try to be on the same page as to when you are prepared to have a child and make sure that you are financially ready, Now men and women needs to learn how to belong to each other, so that they can not only beget but also raise the next generation together. If families were to make sacrifices to preserve family well-being, then their children would go on to establish harmonious families of their own. Lastly, they say a family that prays together will stay together.


If parents don’t step up and raise their children together as a family, this new generation will be a disaster waiting to happen. Let’s stick to the vows that one takes when people goes down the aisles to be reunited

Ken Fuchsman”The Family Romance Transformed American Domestic Arrangements, since 1960, Clio’s Psyche: Understanding the “why of culture, current events, history and society.Vol.17, no.4 March 2011

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