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Ever since I was young I disliked hearing the alarm go off for school, it was not my choice. Since I lived with my mom we had to leave early in the morning since we were further away from the school and she had to be at work by 7:30 am. It seemed like no one else was awake in the neighborhood beside me. Until Junior year in High School came and it all changed. I found a new hobby CrossFit, but I had an issue when the school year came around.

I had a set schedule in summer waking up at 8:30-9:00 am then being at CrossFit by 9:30 am, it was the perfect schedule. When school came around I had no time to attend unless I woke up early, but that required a lot of determination and motivation. My days would start from 5:30 am consisting of CrossFit, high school/college classes, work, hanging out with friends/family, homework, etc then bedtime by 10:30 pm.

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Time became valuable and I started being more smart and wise with it. Here’s how to wake up early. Start by thinking “What is your purpose in waking up early? Why are you doing this?” Always keep these in the back of your head because these are your focuses, if you start to think negative ask yourself. People often regret when they fail and wish they could change the past. The night before eat 2-4 hours before bedtime, therefore your food is digested and also you will be hungry in the morning.

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You do not want to skip breakfast. Be sure to do any household chores the night before therefore you will have more time in the morning.

In order to create a natural transmission, you must slowly wing off your normal waking up time. Set the alarm clock 15 minutes earlier each day/week until you meet your goal waking up time, eventually you will create a new habit and your body will be used to the schedule. Make sure to get a good night sleep. Studies show people that get less than 7-8 hours of sleep deal with daily problems in there life. For an example, if you go to sleep at 11:00pm and wake up at 7:00am, you can’t still go to bed at 11pm and wake up earlier because you need 7-8 hours of full sleep. As you train your body to wake up early, you will also need to change the time you go to sleep.

Stay off your phone or any technology an hour before bedtime. The UV rays can cause your brain to stay up longer and you may also have troubles falling asleep. Mentally prepare yourself to wake up at your designated time. People often think badly about waking up early and being too hard on themselves. That puts an impact on how their mind will be in the morning. You must be ready to wake up therefore you have a smooth day. Once you wake in the morning do not press the snooze button. This only makes it harder to wake up then you will be rushed and stressed.

Drinking water plays a big role without water you would not be able to survive. After a night of sleep your body has not consumed anything and is most likely dehydrated. Drinking a minimum of two bottles of water before your day starts has many benefits in your day. After you have gotten dressed. Grab something to eat for breakfast it is very important. Without food you will experience low energy levels, nauseous, and you’ll be less successful. Make waking up early a reward. Grab a cup of coffee from your favorite coffee shop, read a book, workout, meditate, meet up with friends for breakfast, watch the sunrise, etc. Find something that’s pleasurable and rewarding to yourself in the morning.

Lastly stick with the routine or you will lose it. Most people often have to wake early for school or work and show up for their responsibilities. In order to having a good day it is crucial to have a successful morning. Always remember the main reason “Why? What is the purpose?” but for others it is not a choice to wake up early. Put away your excuses and make the mornings a priority. Put away the electronics, set your alarm, eat breakfast, and reward yourself every once in a while to have a good day.

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