Problem Solving and Google Essay

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Problem Solving and Google

Outstanding opportunities for employees. Google is open for very talented and inspired people, and give best opportunity to be promoted in professional sphere. Example, Oleg, starting his career as an engineer become a leader of developing tools department team after only 8 months period. This is I think very motivating staff. Looking at google HRM site, everything brought so understandable, and impressively clear, I feel that Google knows distinctively what they want from their personnel and how attract people with best abilities. There pretty much attractive links, where I found about working at google, employees tell about why they love working in company. And there are very excellent stories about life at google and all other important info. Company has annual two day conference, where thousands of developers bring together and make a brainstorm the technology of tomorrow. The innovation strategy also is very impressive at google.

Becoming the best searching engine in the world, they never stop paying attention to innovation for solving best world challenges. Noticing this it’s understandable how Scott had a long career with Google, as at have developing atmosphere. Compared to other giant companies’ sites, like Shell, Exxon, Microsoft etc., I see that they better deliver information and attract people to become a Googler. For example, teams and roles link design very compactly, and contains brief and excellent explanation of each titles. As Google wrote on their site, It’s really Cool. Telling about Google benefits the company says that they offer excellent social package, for keeping employees healthy, emotionally and financially better. This is of corse common for all great organizations, but the one thing I liked more is their program of travel without worries. Google states that “Googlers and their families are covered with travel insurance and emergency assistance – even on personal vacations.”

If this is true, this point will be one more magnetic force for increasing of applicants, who will love to work at Google. Noticing that even with more management, Google had a loose organization structure, finally people are self-motivated and self-managed at every level. Each issue is done through a common mission, shared goals, personal responsibility. I think this helps to create the filling among all employees that they work and act as one big real family, and everybody has freedom. Also it should be noted about condition for new hires. Managers conduct a meeting with junior employees, and help them come up with ways to improve their jobs. This is a significant step up in organization of development of employees and in achieving right direction to professional goals, and respectively it will bring to more business expand. To sum up all above:

Answer to Question 2:

As recruiting is very important because the more applicants you have, the more selective the company should be. And Google says that over the past couple of years, they spent a lot of time making the hiring process as efficient as possible, reducing time-to-hire and increasing our communications to candidates. They state that they’re looking for smart, team-oriented people who can get things done. And the company makes interview with candidate by evolving four or five present employees. And there are 4 main criteria for successful candidates: leadership, role-related knowledge (strengths, passions, and skills in area of knowledge), how you think (problem solving abilities) and googleyness (ambitious, activean and collaborative). Several interviewer, and then independent committee will select candidates per interviewers feedbacks.

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