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Essay on Problem Solving

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Foreignness. Interpreter of Maladies: Stories

On the other hand, “treatment of Bibi harder” shows a completely different picture from that of “A Real Durwan” here, Bibi although suffering from epilepsy was given attention by the whole of community the community continued with its support for her until her father died. Once that happened, her care was taken to her neglect cousin Hardar and his wife. This to her was foreignn...

Diana's Disappointment

In conclusion, the best alternative for Diana to promote herself and become a district manager is to accept feedback and be open to new ideas for the business. If this occurs, the employees will be able to express themselves creatively and Diana will be able to focus on making her business more successful and accepting. The importance of supporting, being open, and encouraging new ideas will be su...

Investigatory Project

Various substances have been used as shoe polish for hundreds of years, starting with natural substances such as wax and tallow. Modern polish formulae were introduced early in the 20th century and some products from that era are still in use today. Today, shoe polish is usually made from a mix of natural and synthetic materials, including naphtha, turpentine, dyes, and gum arabic, using straightf...

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The Marine vessel Doña Paz

In June 2008, m/v Princess of the Stars sank off Romblon, killing more than 800 passengers. In February 2004, m/v Super Ferry 14 of Aboitiz Transport System (ATS) was burned and sank off Manila, resulting in the death of 116 people. On Nov. 23, 1983, or three months after the late senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. was shot at the tarmac of the Manila International Airport, m/v Doña Cassandra...

The Central Economic Problems

What provisions should be made for the economic growth of the country? A society may not like to use all its scarce resources for the current consumption only. This is on account of the facts that it uses all the resources for the current consumption and no provision is made for the future production. Therefore, a society has to decide as to how much saving and investment should be made for future...

Developing countries

As a conclusion to "the big question" I could say that the definition of a "developed country" is in everyone's own mind. The differences between developed and developing countries are for example starvation, human rights, public safety and education. All these except education are the basic needs of a person to survive. If person's main needs are not satisfied that person is living in developed c...

Case Write-Up: Galanz

To effectively expand the production capacity, Galanz escalated the production capacity through a free production line transfer from foreign OEM partners. The same tactic was applied to attract component suppliers setting up component facilities in Galanz. To further increase its production capacity, Galanz fully utilized its production facilities and labor resou...

Case Garuda Indonesia

I have therefore conclude that the best solution to the problem is In every business, negative and positive feedback of customer is always there. It is one of the reasons why company's relay's on their feedback, to know what the other ways are their going to accomplish just to satisfy their customer wants. Satisfying customers is one of the important, because your business cannot stand alone witho...

Looking for Alibrandi - Short Story

The confrontation of events allows growth through self-worth and family. Josie's father, Michael Andretti revealed himself unexpectedly with no idea that he had a daughter. Through anger and confusion, both Josie and Michael are faced with hardships. “How dare you think that I want to be in your life!” The use of dialogue supports the frustration and hurt the character Josie is experiencing. T...

Apush 1989 Dbq

People accused his emphasis on vocational training as an idea which stifled the progress of the black race because it “condemned” the education received by college educated blacks. Also, many believed that vocational education served as a barrier which kept blacks from achieving higher levels of education. Furthermore, many thought that Washington’s methods did nothing to help black racial p...

Pandan as Cockroach Repellent

Collect 2-3 (10g) leaves of pandan in the garden and wash. Put the leaves into 100ml of water. Boil it for 3 minutes. Let it cool for 5 minutes. Pour the mixture in the sprayer. B. Preparation for Fermented Extract of Chopped Pandan Leaves Collect 2-3 (10g) leaves of pandan in the garden. Wash the leaves and chop it using knife or bolo. Add 100 ml of water and mix thoroughly. Pour the mixture in a...

Greenwashing Case

Beder S, 2002, ‘Putting the Boot In’, The Ecologist, April, pp. 24-28. Berkeley Media Studies Group, 2008, ‘Food Marketers Greenwash Junk Food’, Adweek, March, pp.1-3 CorpWatch, 2001, ‘Greenwash Fact Sheet’, CorpWatch, pp.1-2 Solman G, 2008, ‘Coloring Public Opinion?’, Adweek. January.14, pp22-24 Stoner C, 2006, ‘Corporate Greenings: Nike’, Peakinsight, pp. 1-13 TerraChoice Env...

Information Overload

It is important to note that the technology nowadays is slowly gearing towards achieving this kind of tool.  The recent technology available provides live feeds, real time searching and continuously scanning millions of feeds. The term “semantic web” as used to refer to the dream search engine, means that through intelligent agents, or programs that learn one’s preference, the cyberspace wo...

Linear Programming Model Assignment Questions

Formulate a linear programming model for this problem. 30. Solve the linear programming model formulated in Problem 28 for the Bluegrass Distillery by using the computer. a. Identify the sensitivity ranges for the objective function coefficients and explain what the upper and lower limits are. b. How much would it be worth to the distillery to obtain additional production capacity? c. If the custo...

Impact - European Integration

       Looking at the impact of integration on member States, the process towards capital market integration could be said to have culminated with recent creation of the European Monetary Union. The recognition of the employment/social dimension to economic integration has derived from two constant themes in community action. Efficiency consideration were reflected in initiatives to support ...

Tools for Increasing Productivity

Design is a plan o f a system, its implementation and utilization for attaining a goal of making people's life easy and comfortable. Design thinking stands for design -specific cognitive activities that designers apply during the process of designing. Design thinking has com e to be defined as combining empathy for the context of a problem, ideation is the generation of insights and solutions and ...

Cockroaches: Insect Repellents


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