Problem Set/ Exercise/ Case Scenario Essay

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Problem Set/ Exercise/ Case Scenario

1. Remote Desktop is based on former Terminal Services.
2. System image backup saves data to a DVD file.
3. Branch Cache conserves WAN bandwidth.
4. Distributed cache mode files cached on each client.
5. Volume shadow copies are previous versions.
6. Incremental backup are files changed since the last backup job. 7. Windows RE is accessible from Windows 7 installation disk.
8. Hosted cache mode is files cached on central server.
9. Windows Remote Management executes PowerShell commands on remote computers.
10. System restore point is configuration settings and registry information. 1. Which of the following service priority guidelines are not accurate D- You should rate departmental issues according to how the issues affect senior management. 2. Place these trouble shooting steps in the correct order B- Establish the symptoms D- Select the most probable cause C- Test the result A- Document the solution 3. Which of the following Windows 7 tool does not aid in the network troubleshooting process A- User Account control panel 4. Which of the following Windows 7 tool does ot aid in the hardware troubleshooting process C- Nslookup.exe 5. Which of the following operating systems cannot use Branch Cache A- Windows Vista, B- Windows Server 2008

6. When you load Windows RE from the windows 7 installation DVD, the system provides you with a choice of recovery tools; which of the following is not included C- Windows easy transfer. 7. Place the following steps of the Windows 7 startup process in their proper order C- Power-on self-test D- Initial startup phase A- Windows boot manager phase B- Windows boot loader phase 8. Which Windows XP startup component is no longer needed in Windows 7 B- Ntdetect 9. Branch Cache is a client/server application that supports which of the following two operational modes C- Distributed cache mode D- Hosted cache mode

10. For stand-alone systems or small networks, Windows 7 includes backup that you can use to protect your data. Which of the following devices do the Windows 7 backup tools not permit for backup A- An online backup service 1. Can give user permission to control PC and troubleshoot problems. Assist others with software/programs to be installed, updated, or just learn how to use them. By imposing a time limit on the invitation, the program will only be open until the time we allow it.

2. 1. Power-on self-test (POST) phase

2. Initial startup phase
3. Windows Boot Manager phase
4. Windows Boot Loader phase
5. Kernel loading phase
6. Logon phase
Case scenario

1. As the manager of the help desk I would address the issue of the order entry department first. I chose this because it seems to be the most important issue since it directly affects the customers’ ability to order goods and/or services off of the company website. There are far more hits to the website and orders that are being generated over a shorter period of time then the other issues. This is what generates income to the company and pays the bills, if there are no orders being generated then customers may go to competing sites and order off of there. Even loyal customers may be turned off by the fact that they cannot easily place their order. All the other three issues are secondary in nature. The angry user may need some anger management classes if a non-working mouse sets them off so they will just have to learn patience.

The company’s ad server being down for a short period of time is not crucial as it doesn’t directly generate income for the company. The four users that need the health insurance forms aren’t as much of a priority and can be handled at a later time, since they are probably not time sensitive anyway. 2. Trying to ping website servers on the internet will determine if there is a problem with the router. Trying to share files via an internal network will determine if the switch is the issue. Trying to access the internet from a different PC will determine if the particular PC that is not connecting has an issue with an Ethernet port/wire.

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