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Problem scenario expansion Essay

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Problem scenario expansion

From the informational data that will be intended to gather the researcher decide to use SPSS program to compute the elasticity of the variables and to identify if the predictors of the study are good. And the multiple regression model will be used in this study. The chart and other basic computations will be done through Microsoft excel for better presentation of the study. e. Practical Access to Skills The researcher needs the following tutorial for SPSS usage, International access program list, and trends of the international GDP and the economic growth.

To overcome this needs the researcher review some literature and studies using SPSS program, recall the past lessons in economics and ask the library for the list of international access list . f. Practical Documentation g. Research Thinking This study used a descriptive quantitative and qualitative research. This study was concerned mainly in finding out the effect of Information Technology on B2B system in the supply chain extension management of trading business after 1990’s. h. Primary Data.

The selected research methodology is a descriptive archival, quantitative and interview. The interview will help for the construction of the entire impact on B2B in the real world. Secondary research is to read a number of literature and studies relevant to the present study in different public and private libraries. The literature studies will be scrutinized to determine if there is some bearing to the study and would be analyzed to gain a broader perspective of the problem issue.

The strategy in this study is the rational perspective, where the data analysis and the final recommendations follow the sequential gathering of information. i. Research Method/Problem Solving Approach ? Research Methodology The main objective of this study is to ? Research Approach The research approach that develops the methodology explained below is based on descriptive qualitative and quantitative research method. j. Data Locations k. Data Collection Protocol Presentation of the data and the computation ……. l. Primary Data Processing ? Preprocessing

? Outcome Processing 8. Outline of Literature Review For a firm to deliver maximum value to its customers, it must receive maximum value from all its suppliers in the supply chain. Commercial firms are increasingly concluding that, working alone, they cannot have the lowest costs, best quality, or shortest cycle times in their industries if their suppliers do not support them (Lewis, 1995, p. 5). For example, Intel concluded that it could not improve the quality of its products if it did not improve “the quality of its suppliers (Morgan, 1990).

Sun concluded that it could not be more responsive to its customers unless its suppliers were more responsive (Carbone, 1996). Many firms report that implementing best PSM practices has delivered large savings and significant performance improvements. (Moore, Baldwin, Camm, and Cook 2002, 4- 5) Once firms recognize the strategic importance of purchasing to improving their performance and profit as well as integrating their supply chains, they typically change their PSM practices to improve their competitiveness.

5 Through our recent strategic sourcing and contracting research, we have learned how innovative commercial firms purchase goods and services. What we have observed appears to be the beginning of a revolution in PSM practices. 6 For example, Bensaou (1999) notes that in the automotive sector, all three U. S. manufacturers and most of their European competitors have launched programs to decrease their level of vertical integration, reduce their total number of direct suppliers, and move toward publicly declared strategic partnerships.

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