Problem Formulation and Identification Paper for Nonprofit Hospital Essay

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Problem Formulation and Identification Paper for Nonprofit Hospital

          My nonprofit hospital known, as Alabama Health Care System is a charitable institution that runs for almost a decade now.  It has employed many doctors and nurses that serve varieties of patients with cases ranging from ordinary to acute illnesses. The hospital aims to provide community with services related to health through which, in order to sustain its operation, it encourages support from individuals, corporations, government agencies and other entry.  The Foundation designates funds that are coming in as specified by the donors under the supervision of the board of directors.

            My hospital could be considered stable in terms of decision-making the way it approaches problems because the group is focused in reinventing the hospital and in maximizing hospital services using its revenues and other funds. In meeting these objectives, the team carefully adopt the process of problem identification and formulation style in its decision –making.  We utilize two skill areas: the problem solving and decision-making, which is an adaptation of D’Zurilla, Spivack, Shure, and Goldfield’s work (Wehmeyer).

            We conceptualize the complexities of the problem before we identify solution to it.  To do this, the problem must be described first, which includes objects or persons who are affected by the problem. Then, multiple response alternatives must be generated so the group can intelligently choose from these alternatives the best solution.  Though the best solution has been identified, it is also important that the group verify its effectiveness including its possible consequences before implementing it.  Once the team agreed on one best solution, the next step would be the decision-making.

This problem identification process is mostly used by the administration side in the pursuant of overall goals as well as doctors and nurses in health care management. However, there are areas of concern that need modification of problem formulation process.  For instance, in the area of critical problem analysis, it is important that each recommendation be analyzed as definite and practical. In addition, the solution chosen by the group is monitored in such a way that everyone is accountable for its outcome.

It is quite different because, the team must consider a research study based upon a database before they formulate solutions. Thus, the problem identification and formulation of solution depend highly on the nature of the problem and the intensity or complexity of effect of the problem on the management and operation of the hospital. Epstein (2001) stated, “Recognition of the need for early screening for risk factors led a practice-based research” (p. 34)

The third problem identification is usually done by the director without asking for suggestion from the board of directors.  This style is usually done because the director has the authority to make decisions based on his judgment on certain issues.  His decision should coincide with the policies and regulation of the organization.

The first set of steps is quite easy to use in almost many types of circumstances; however, it is limited when one is dealing with a sensitive issue.  In that case, the next set of steps is more applicable; however, the latter is highly scientific because it involves the research or feasibility study, which ever is necessary.  The first two steps are done collectively while the last one is done by one person.

These styles are appropriate on given circumstances, it has its own advantages and disadvantages.  What is important is that, there should be a sense of accountability for every decision on the part of the people involved.


Epstein, Irwin & Blumenfield, Susan (2001). Clinical Data-Mining in Practice-Based Research: Social Work in Hospital Settings.  USA: Haworth Social Work Practice Press.


Wehmeyer, Michael. (2007). Promoting Self-Determination in Students with Developmental Disabilities. Guilford Publications.

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