Problem Energizers Essay

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Problem Energizers

It takes an energizer to become aware of problems that arise everywhere. Unless individuals are sensitive to a situation, the problem could not be grasped. Individuals who seek explanations of phenomenon and for some truths look at their environment. Individuals, teams, and agencies often do their searching when the following situations exist:

1. When a difficulty exists. Difficulty gives rise to a need to explore. The difficulty could be felt by the company management, the line workers, or even the consumer. Some signs that difficulties are existing in selling a product are the following:

1. Low sales; 2. Consumer complaints; 3. Low demand; 4. Products unknown; or 5. Consumer thinks it is too expensive, etc

These research topics may be suggested by the difficulty felt by consumers or the companies. Answers to questions like the following could be explored:

1. What could be causing the slow acceptance of the product in the community? 2. What could be the cause of frequent complaints? 3. What practices or idiosyncrasies are considered?

2. When a new problem arises from an old problem. Problem exists, and out of an old problem, a new may evolve. It could be that the solutions to the old problem were inadequate, obsolete, or inappropriate for the time. A new problem may be tackled differently. The new problem could even be quite apart from an old one, but is as founded on an old problem.

3. When a thinker is stimulated by what he reads. Reading a variety of materials could be the source of a problem. The following are usually happened when reading such materials:

1. The reader may come across statements he could not “buy” or accept 2. Curiosity will lead him to experiment further on the subject or on the condition 3. “Thinkers” usually analyze the materials they read. They weigh values, and question occurrences using other readings as foundations for analysis 4. They may not be contented with their readings so they take actions and do things themselves.

4. When an individual or group has the urge to achieve and contribute something to society. Problems solved are sought by individuals who like to achieve something for the betterment of the life of man. E.g.

The rice problem in the Philippines. Every year, the rice produced in the country seems to be insufficient for the people. Teams and agencies launch research studies on the best variety of rice that would yield the most per hectare.

When one discovers something, there exists a feeling of satisfaction. Problems, then, come out of a need of a particular society. In this case, the researcher achieves self fulfillment as a result of solving a problem for the benefit of man or society.

5. When an individual likes to exercise resourcefulness, ingenuity, and creativeness. A resourceful person tinkers with things. While tinkering, something may lead him to become aware of probable relationships of what he sees with other phenomena. He moves around and tests the cause of what he finds, determines how long it takes for the effect to come about when different materials are used, and analyzes the characteristics of such effect. This creates a problem for him to undertake.

Inventions are usually brought about because of the inventor’s resourcefulness. An individual’s resourcefulness, ingenuity, and creativeness may result in discovery of things. Inventive people search relentlessly in order to create something useful. Creativity is the result of painstaking experiments. A person molds something, creates something because he knows he is solving some problems of man. And these could be problems for better production, problems for better living, problems for better communication and the like.

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