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Problem Definition Report Essay

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Since Charles Herrold started broadcasting in California in 1909 and broadcast was carrying audio by the next year, people’s life has been changed by the broadcast (Wiki). After that, a number of radio stations were set up all over the world. From the radio, people could listen to music, listen to the news and they could even go shopping at their home. Additionally, radio station could obtain a respectable income form the advertiser. However, every dog has its day. In 1991, 64% of all commercial radio stations in the USA lost money. In addition, many stations tried playing a blend of current hits and hits from the previous, but the younger listeners did not go for it. The radio stations did not solve the economic problem.

In the following article, there are three parts in order to solve the problem of this case. Firstly, the report would carry out the present state/desired state technique, which is a means to determine the real problem by describing the present state (where you are) and then describing the desired state (where you want to go). Secondly, this report will provide a Duncker Diagram, which helps us obtain solutions that satisfy the present state/desired state statements. Lastly, according to these two techniques, the report would provide a brief analysis of the possible outcomes, and provide a problem statement. The goal of this article is tell the reader how to use these techniques to solve problem. (Fogler & LeBlanc, 2008)

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2Present State / Desired State Descriptions These following methods were given to solve the perceived problem: “younger listeners were irritated by the blend of music”.

Round 1

Lose money Younger audience like listen to the radio This is not match because other age groups may not listen to the radio. The radio station lost money not only because of the dissatisfied from the younger audience, but also from the elder listener. Consequently, there is not a one-to-one mapping between the present state and the desired state.

Round 2

Lose money Earn money

These statements are matched, but the present state and desired state is not very clear for the case. These statements only indicate the perceived problem but not define the real problem. Moreover, the radio station could make profit by some other ways; they may not care about the younger listener. However, this is not suit for the case.

Round 3

Lose money, younger listeners are irritated Earn money, younger/elder listeners are satisfied

These two statements now matched and the present state and desired state are very clear for this case. According to these statements, it is also easy to come up with a number of solutions. For examples, the radio station could broadcast different program for different age group, instead of playing mixed style music in one particular program.

These three instructions given to solve the perceived problem would not solve the real problem. Radio stations may be hard to survival while people only listen to their radios.

A more suitable problem statement could be written as follows: Find a way to attract more audiences and earn money from different ways.

3 Duncker Diagrams

The way to make money is simplex in the radio station

Try another way to make money Make it okay not try another way Ask for Publish Open shopping Invite music star play Sponsorship show record programs in the live broadcast different songs in different time

Financial Title sponsorship Promote sales Invite Michael play energetic assistance from from the famous in the radio Jackson singing or songs in local government brand program have a talk show the morning

Upon analysing the radio stations’ problem using a Duncker diagram, it is clear to discover the real problem: The radio stations are not popular with the audiences and they could not earn from other ways. Consequently, according to the Duncker diagram, the radio stations should attract many people listen to their programs, not only in the left side but also in the right side. Otherwise the radio stations could get little financial assistance from the local government. Moreover, they would not secure title sponsorship from the famous brand while few people listen to their radios.

The new problem statement could be declared as: Find how to fascinating audiences listen to the radio.

4 Analysis & Conclusion According to the Duncker diagram, it is clear to find the real problem: less people like to listen to the radio, and the radio station could not earn money from other ways. Therefore, to solve the real problem, the radio station should find how to attract more listeners and find other approach to make money. Additionally, ‘other approach’ may base on the popular degree of the radio station. Firstly, the radio station must draw people’s attention so that there are a number of audiences. For example, in the music program, the radio station could invite some pop stars such Michael Jackson or Madonna, because these persons are famous in people for all ages, they could attract much more people to listen to the radio.

Although it may bring a lot of expenses, as the saying goes: Nothing ventured, nothing gained. As a result, the radio stations could earn more when they do that, because a radio station with high ratings would appeal to many advertisers. Secondly, the radio stations could open some original radio programs so that they could attract people and earn money by the program. For instance, they can sale some high quality and inexpensive goods in the show. On the one hand, audiences would be more because some people are willing to listen to the program. On the other hand, the radio station could make a respectable income by selling products. There might be some other solutions, but these solutions should depend on the real problem.

In conclusion, by using the present state/desired state and the Duncker diagram, this report has found the real problem and come up with some appropriate solutions. After reading this report, people could define the real problem and find the solutions by use these techniques, also people could get inspired from this report.

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