Probems of Child Obesity

Obesity is signalized by the accumulation of excessive body fat, which is the result of taking in more amount of calories and spending less amount of energy. Child obesity can directly affect children’s health and can lead to obesity in their adult life, obesity itself is associated with many health issues. Family is the first one who can understand the pattern of a child’s eating and activity behaviours. Obese parents tend to have obese children, but there is always a conflict between genetic and environmental factors leading to obesity.

I believe that childhood obesity is one of the main issues of our society which leads to number of health-related issues, I believe that all parents are smart enough to realize that fast food is not good food for their children but people are so overwhelmed with their busy life, it is easy for them to go to drive-thru and order quickly. Firstly, obesity is growing fast. Secondly, we are blaming our lifestyle for this and some causes of obesity are over-eating, lack of active life and imbalance in the diet.

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Obesity is a quickly developing issue on the planet today. The level of children aged 6 to 11 years in the US who were largely expanded from 7% in 1980 to almost 18% in 2012. More individuals need to understand that being obese can influence their lives in multiple ways. It can influence how they get things done in their lives. You don’t have to look far to discover some genuinely alarming information in regards to obesity in the United States and abroad.

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With the development of waistlines and along with the dangers of infections also expands. There are several potential causes- the pervasiveness of cheap food, insufficient nutritional instructions in our schools, genetics or lack of physical activity. High weight in youngsters not just puts them at numerous dangers for sickness during their initial ages, yet additionally puts them in danger for issues further down the road.

There is no single factor or conduct that causes weight gain. Two of the most well-known components that can be connected with the reason for obesity are hereditary factors and the absence of physical action. hereditary elements influence obese children when the child’s parents are corpulent or there is a history of obesity in their family. The absence of physical movement is turning into an increasingly normal factor as youngsters are investing more energy inside, and less time outside. Since technology is turning into an immense piece of present-day youngsters’ lives, exercises, for example, watching TV, gaming, messaging and playing on the PC, all of which require next to no vitality and replaces the physical exercises. Another hotspot for corpulence is an ailment, hormone issue or low thyroid capacity and certain meds can make a kid’s hunger increment, which in time can build their hazard for weight gain.

Eating unhealthy food is the foremost cause of obesity in children. During their childhood, parents force children to finish everything they have on their plate, this forces them to eat more and ignore their fullness, which becomes a habit in the future and causes obesity in adult life. When parents have less time to plan a healthy meal for their children and their child is more dependent on processed and junk food items.’ Also when stressful events happen in the life of a child such as deaths or divorce, they seek comfort food’. Restaurants encourage high-calorie food and vending machines make it easier for children to buy this processed food. Obesity leads to many long-term effects on the body. It also causes immediate effects which include high cholesterol, high blood pressure, bone or joint pains and skin problems also such as infections or acne. Some long-term effects include heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer and so on. Obesity also has mental and emotional effects on the body, it lowers the self-esteem of the individual.

Obesity is affecting a large number of individuals today. Several causes lead to obesity, which leads to long term effects on the body. However, these long term effects and immediate effects can be noticed during the initial stages and can be prevented from the very beginning. There are many organizations and people all around the world coming together to take action to prevent the increment of obesity in the world. Parents can lower the dependency of children on processed food or junk food. One of the effective ways to prevent obesity is a change in lifestyle, which can be done with the help of the family. It is very important to learn about healthy food at a young age and enjoying it in enough amount, otherwise, obesity will become a life long problem. Prevention during childhood will decrease the number of individuals suffering from obesity.

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