Pro: Censorship Debate Essay

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Pro: Censorship Debate

When censorship is not involved, things can lead to madness within our communi ty and people. Without being able to censor, things such as inappropriate images from books, news, Internet, movies and even television shows can lead to harm to the people who are seeking different images daily, things at least have to be put in a limit, especially those images that may offend people or more likely influence them onto doing bad things. Bad influence will create people or even children to do other things in a inappropriate performance other than the ways that they should perform, this can lead people to learn in different ways. If we don’t start censorship now, then when? We Need Censorship. It won’t kill us to make limits, but it might if we don’t.

The United States established the freedom of speech, but why can’t it but be justifiable to limit others freedoms of expression, when it is harming our people. It is in our society’s best interests to protect the children. According to ABC News on March 2, 2006 Lional Tate is just one example of a child gone bad because of the media. Tate was influenced by his idol the Rock. The Rock killed a six year old girl by smashing her skull, breaking her ribs and causing many cuts and bruises.If that’s not enough of an example what about the teen from New Jersey who listened to Ozzy Osborne’s “Suicide Solution” and killed himself? These are not random occurrences, we hear about them on the news and everywhere around us frequently. If our freedom of expression is harming kids why can’t we fix the problem by not allowing them access to it?

Let me put it another way, People, especially children are being influenced by what they watch, read or see happen throughout their daily lives. When a child sees someone or something doing something. They will of course imitate the action that is being performed. Filtering software will surly help our children change their acts behavior and better their influence. Children don’t know any better. Therefore we should put limits on what shouldn’t be accessed and let the children be able to access whats good other than whats bad. Children are innocent and deserve to be respected. It is for these following reasons that we argue for the censorship of harmful materials that could influence a child or children into violent acts, expressions, and other dangerous actions.

Through television, video games, books, and movies, children and teens view acts of violence and terror as part of entertainment. Recent games are becoming more and more involved with violence as entertainment. According to Media Watch Online on March 1, 2002 a article explained how games such as Call Of Duty as known as COD can develop our children’s skills in operating weapons. COD can go further by influencing children to kill others as entertainment. Killing people should not be called entertainment, but now a days it is. In the past, the heroes of movies and television shows were usually people who followed the law.

Now, heroes usually take the law into their own hands right? but anyways, what I’m trying to say is if we don’t change now, people will most likely behave poorly other than properly. Limiting what shouldn’t be accessed is the right thing to do for all people Inappropriate information and media should be limited from books, games, television and news so we can create better influence within media to our children and act in a greater behavior for our future people and children.This will help our community make a big change within themselves and the people around them. We need censorship, and we need it now. Thank you for you for your time.

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