Pro and Cons of Having Degree Essay

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Pro and Cons of Having Degree

Nowadays, student having a university degree are becoming more and more important. However student always consider about ‘I need to gain more work experience or complete the university degree’ at all the time. Although university tuition can be expensive, but there has some benefit that student can invest for future. First of all, we can learn more and consolidated the knowledge. Education is a long time investment and will provide you with knowledge about the subject you have chosen to study. The programs can also teach student concepts or skills you might have the chance to use on the job.

Second, many companies need education people to run the daily business and operation to manage the sales and marketing to control the profit and loss. A number of careers require college degrees that Student having a university degree will give you better job options and difference type of job. Third, student can learn to be independent that there some project and assignments do it by yourself, but we can make more friend to discuss and analysis that where is the problem. Except for expensive tuition, there are some disadvantages.

First, the college student competition are quite big because a lots of people having a university degree that they will compare with others in the interview. Second, student finishes the degree but they lack of work experience may difficult to find a job and will affect their work performance and promote to a higher office. Finally, there are many successful people and these people are not even finished their university degree. To conclusion, student having a university degree is more important that the aim is find good jobs that earn more money to improve the standard of life.

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