Pro Abortion Essay

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Pro Abortion

I feel as though women should have the right to decide whether or not they would like to have an abortion. Having to go through numerous trials to see if you are mentally capable of having an abortion is really unconscionable interference. There are many factors that contribute to why a mother-to-be would have an abortion. She could have been raped or not be financially ready to have a child. I 100% agree with women wanting to have one. There should be no ones opinion into her decision, if she wants to have one it should be solely her decision.

Having an abortion is a HUGE decision. Having to have one is a very traumatic procedure. The woman having the abortion knows this. Having to go to meetings and check-ups to absolutely ensure the fact that she wants to go through with one is unconscionable interference. This is not fair to the woman. She knows what she is facing up against, she does not need to feel like a bad person for having one, which is the goal of these meetings. These meeting really are pointless. Before having these meeting she must make sure that the baby doesn’t have a heartbeat because if one is found she will not be able to follow through with the abortion. If a woman does not want to go through these troubles she has the choice of being on birth control and attending a high quality sex education class.

There aren’t many alternatives to having a physical procedure done. There are two other ways – both of which are ingested in pill form – RU-486 and Cytotec are those two pills. RU-486 is a two step program while cytotec is fast and affective. The only downfall to Cytotec is that it is an ulcer medication and is not primarily used for abortions and can be fatal. RU-486 is prescribed before the baby has reached 9 weeks. The first pill blocks all hormones while the second pill which is taken a day or two later, shortly after follows cramping, bleeding, pain and finally the end of the pregnancy.

Women have always wanted to be free to make their own decisions. If a woman wants to have an abortion, the opinion of others should not matter. A woman’s choice to have an abortion is – for the most part- made to better her life as an adult rather than settle down and not reach her full potential. Abortion could almost be considered as a double-edged-sword.
Without it, women have to stop their lives and settle as a mother with abortion they have more potential to become something in life, something that matters, and when they are ready to have kids they will.

Denying the right to abortion will only increase underground abortions which will occur only at the expense of the woman’s health. Although there are claims that a fetus is a person, denying a woman to an abortion is placing more value on the fetus than the actually person. To say that a fetus –who cannot think and is unconscious- has more value than a woman, is to diminish the recognition of a woman as living, breathing people who are able to make their own conscious decision about their own pregnancy.

Although I am entirely for women having abortions, they also need to take time to prevent getting pregnant. Yes, rape victims cannot take this precaution this is why the above procedures are available. But for others, they should – in my opinion- use condoms and be put on birth control. No matter who it is they are having sex with. Take these precautions and you shouldn’t find yourself facing these difficult decisions.

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