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Private Security Essay

It seems that the criteria to be eligible for a private security officer post seems to be extensive that need several details of the applicant. Though the basic application requirements appear to be similar in both the book ‘Principles of Security and Crime Prevention’ and the Florida state instruction manual, the amount of information differs in relation to certain key points. Florida State’s requirements seem to be elaborative than that of the book.

            Coming to the details, while the minimum age to be eligible for applying is 18 years in both the sources, it is further described as 18 for unarmed and 21 for armed private security officer (Collins, Ricks & Meter, 2000, p. 104). Also, submission of address details is mentioned in the requirements of both the sources and it is further clarified in Florida’s manual as residence details of five years (Bronson, 2007). Moreover, the manual indicates that applicant should also furnish details of aliases, if any (Bronson, 2007). Employment details of 5years should be mentioned as per Florida State’s requirements, whereas it is 7 years in the book (Collins et al., 2000, p. 104).

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            The requirements regarding details of criminal history are almost similar in both the sources, which state that any kind of bad criminal record in the past 7-10 years may jeopardize the chances of the applicant (Bronson, 2007; Collins et al., 2000, p. 104). Moreover, Florida State’s requirements clearly mention a case of denial and a chance of denial of the application (Bronson, 2007).

Criminal history related to disrespect towards country, government officials and/or involvement in dealings of controlled substances may result in rejection of the application. Also, Florida State requirements clearly state the need for applicants to submit all related documents in case of a previous conviction and that the verification of the applicant’s criminal record may take 1-3 months duration (Bronson, 2007).

            The guidelines related to applicant’s mental fitness are explained more clearly in the Florida requirements. In Collins et al. book, the only point stated is the ineligibility of a person who is declared by the court as incompetent due to some mental disease (2000, p. 105). However, the state’s manual describes various points regarding the furnishing of details related to mental fitness by a candidate who has previously been diagnosed and/or treated for any mental illness and/or addiction (Bronson, 2007). The state manual requires the candidate to submit letters of reference if the candidate has alcohol or drug abuse and rehabilitation history; whereas Collin’s book simply states that the candidates have to undergo a pre-employment drug screen (Bronson, 2007; Collins et al., 2000, p. 104).

            The Florida state’s criteria are very clear about training of the individual, making it mandatory to complete 40 hours of authorized training (Bronson, 2007). It has given the list of personalities who can be exempted from taking the training. Also, in the Collis et al. book, it is mentioned that a potential candidate for armed post should successfully complete a psychological fitness test (Collins et al., 2000, p. 105). While the state manual highlights the point of citizenship with related details, Collins book mentions about minimal desired education for the applicant (Bronson, 2007; Collins et al., 2000, p. 105). In this way, apart from common points, both the sources have mentioned various requirements and useful points. Florida’s manual even describes about conditions that permit exemptions from certain mandatory procedures.

All in all, the Florida State’s manual is a comprehensive source with all instructions for an applicant and the Collins’ book is a useful aid to know basic requirements.


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            Division of Licensing. Retrieved 15 Jan. 2008 from < http://licgweb.doacs.state.fl.us/


Collins, P. A., Ricks, T. A., Van Meter C. W. (2000). Principles of Security and Crime

            Prevention (Edi. 4, pp. 104&5). Ohio: Anderson.

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