Private Funds Essay

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Private Funds

     The human service agency in reference is the Family Service Working Connections. Basically, the agency in involved in giving resolutions for some social concerns through assisting families and individuals to stabilize their lives and become a part of structuring an ideal community. The organization does not merely resolve actual problems but on an active procedure of strengthening the capability of each individuals to become worthy citizens of the society.

     The basic programs that FSW implements are geared towards the promotion of family values which they believe is the core foundation of social work. Some of the major programs of the agency are family financial budget counseling, rescuing women from abusive family members and assisting the elderly to get a home refuge where they can become contributing individuals. The special functions of the agency directly correspond to the total welfare of community members.

     Since FSW is privately funded, it would be important to identify where its budget allowances come from. A huge amount of its fund allocation comes from government grants comprising at least 46% of its 2004-2005 revenue (Family Service Working). This is followed by Program Fees while private fund raising and investments also contribute to the yearly budget of the agency.

     In order for the organization to continue to fund its social programs, what the administrators can do is to stabilize its relationship with government agencies. This can strengthen an approach of receiving further allocation funds in long term services. Moreover, other privately run social departments will be able to identify FSW’s objective in promoting social help. The agency can also consider higher investment allocation in order to secure at least a continuous residual income for the parties they serve.


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