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Printing and Photocopier

Describe organisational policies, procedures and levels of authority in maintaining office equipment Office equipment in our department:

When a photocopier in our department experiences a fault such as a paper jam it is myself and Claire that are responsible for fixing it. However if the photocopier still isn’t working after we have followed the instruction to fix it, we are responsible to call Sharples, the suppliers, and ask for them to send out an engineer to fix the problem. We would also place a sign on the photocopier to inform the other staff members that the machine is out of order and that an engineer has been called out.

In the case of a printer fault the same procedure would be carried out as Sharples also supply our printers. When it is a computer fault the IT department are responsible if it is a hardware failure, they will be able to pinpoint the problem and fix it more easily as they are experts in this field.

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I am not qualified in this area and could make things worse if I tried to fix it myself therefore it is my responsibility to report it to the IT department. However if it is a software failure it is the responsibility of e-know as they are our network providers and all our documents and software such as outlook are provided through e-know. They are specially trained to help talk us through how to fix the fault if it is just for an individual computer they can also take control of the computer session and fix the problem that way.

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However if there is a fault with everyone’s computer this could be a fault with e-know and that is their responsibility to fix and to let us know if the system isn’t working, they liaise with our IT department to ensure they are able to contact and inform us of these faults.

Describe how to use different types of office equipment

Copying: When using the photocopier to copy documents, ensure that the paper drawer has got enough paper in, press the copy button next to the small screen, make sure that all staples and paper clips have been removed then place the documents face up in the top tray and use the screen to select more options i.e. to copy in black and white or colour, to choose if you want the pages to be copied single or double sided and even to choose if you want double sided pages transferred to be single sided. This will all be on the front screen after pressing the copy button. Once you’re happy with all your choices press the start button next to the screen to begin copying. Scanning: When using the photocopier to scan documents, press the scan button next to the small screen, make sure all staples and paper clips are removed and place the documents face up into the top tray. Use the screen and press ‘email’ then select ’To’ and then ‘input email’ and put in the required email.

There is a button on the screen that says ‘Scan Settings’ this allows you to choose the colour you want and whether you require it scanning single or double sided. Once you’re happy with all your choices press the start button next to the screen to begin scanning. Faxing: When using the photocopier to send a fax, press the fax button next to the screen. Make sure all staples and paper clips are removed and place the documents face up into the top tray. Use the screen and press ‘input fax number’ you can use the buttons on the screen to entre the number or the buttons on the photocopier. Make sure you check the number and press done.

At the bottom of the screen there is an ‘Advanced’ tab, this is where you can select what colour it is to be scanned in and whether to be scanned single or double sided. Once you are happy with your choices you can either press the start button on the photocopier or on the screen. You will also receive a fax receipt whether the fax was successful or not, however this usual takes a while to come through, depending on how many pages were faxed, so you will need to keep checking at the photocopier for this to come through.

Printer: When using the printer ensure that the paper drawers contain the correct paper and are full enough for the document(s) you want to print. Make sure that your computer is linked to the correct printer. When printing you need to amend all the properties you require on your computer, such as how many or which pages of the document you want printing, the printed page orientation and how many copies you want, before you print out the document(s). Once you are happy with your choices click the print button on your computer and the documents will print to the chosen printer.

Explain the reasons for following manufacturers and organisational instructions when operating equipment

It is important to follow manufacturer’s instructions when using office equipment as they are made specifically for each machine. They have very detailed instructions on how to use the equipment correctly and also what to do if the equipment malfunctions or breaks down. So it is essential to follow these instructions to ensure safe and correct use of all office equipment. Organisational instructions also ensure safe and correct use of office equipment as they outline who can use the various equipment throughout the company, who breakdowns need to be reported to and whether authorisation is needed. This is crucial so that the company and everyone working within the company knows the boundaries and that safe practice is carried out when operating the equipment and who to report to if there are any issues. 1.4 Describe the types of equipment faults likely to be experienced and the correct way of dealing with these

Photocopier: When using the photocopier a few faults could occur. Paper getting jammed when copying is quiet common; this can be caused by forgetting to remove staples and paperclips or when the documents are creased, when this happens the machine will beep and on screen instructions will appear to show you how to fix it. Also paper jams can happen when the copier is printing; this is normally caused from the paper being wet or damp. This can be solved by storing paper correctly if a new packet is going to be left open for a long time, as it stops moisture getting to the paper. The photocopier toner could run out, documents will stop printing and a warning message will appear on the photocopier’s screen, it will also say which cartridge that needs to be changed. It is important to know where the cartridges are stored so that you can replace it, it is easy to do and a step by step instruction guide will come onto the photocopier screen to take you through the process as well. Black marks, lines and smudges appearing onto the copied document are caused when the slit glass and platen guide need cleaning.

Your office should have the correct materials to clean these. Using a soft cloth and glass cleaner is the best way to ensure the safe and proper cleaning of the machine Occasionally the photocopier freezes and will not respond to anything, usually if you wait for a couple of minutes it returns to normal and carries on any tasks it was doing. However this isn’t always the case and you may need to restart the machine, there is a small power button on the top side of the photocopier pressing this will restart the machine. If the photocopier still doesn’t work you will need to contact Sharples for them to send out an engineer Faxing: When faxing from the photocopier there are a couple of faults that could occur. Not receiving a fax receipt is usually caused from not having the setting switched on to allow this. Firstly just ring and make sure the recipient has received the documents and then use the small screen on the photocopier to change the fax settings to allow a receipt.

The fax being unsuccessful is commonly caused by entering the fax number incorrectly, simply just make sure you double check the number before sending a fax, however if it is still unsuccessful try ringing the recipient and checking the number with them, also it could be caused from a fault with the recipients machine as well. Printer: When printing documents several faults could occur. Smudged or faded documents are signs of the ink running low; it is easily fixed by replacing the ink cartridge. It is a good idea to know where the replacement cartridges are stored. Usually the printer will warn you when the ink is running low.

Documents failing to print could be cause by a couple of reasons, the printer could have run out of paper and simply needs refilling or the connection between the printer and the computer could be faulty or may have disconnected to fix this check in the ‘printers’ section that your computer is connected to the correct printer if it still fails contact your IT department. Like a photocopier a printer can easily have paper jams, this can be caused from several people trying to print to the same printer or printing large document all at once. The paper jam will have to be removed manually and can happen in any section of the printer, however the printer will show you on the screen which area the jam is in and how to remove it. Checking if others are printing can help prevent this as well as sending large documents to print from the photocopier instead will prevent paper jams.

Computers: Lots of faults can occur with personal or company computers. Computers’ crashing in offices happens often and is usually caused by the vast amount of people using one server. Setting your documents to save every 5-10minutes will help prevent any loss of work when this happens; however IT may have backed up files of your daily work in case of any major work loss. All computers crash and it is best to leave the computer to sort itself out as they usually begin to work fine within a minute or two, however if your computer doesn’t return to normal after a short amount of time you may need to contact IT for assistance.

No Internet connection could be cause by a few things, if your connection isn’t wireless the Ethernet cable could have been pulled out of your computer tower which has lead to not having a connection, simply plugging the cable back in will result to the connection being restored. Also the connection from your computer to the internet network may have just been lost so going into your internet connection setting and reconnecting this will solve the problem. If everyone in the office is having this problem it could be a fault with the server so contacting IT or your service provided is the best solution as they have more knowledge of the situation and can pinpoint and solve the problem.

Software programmes not opening on the computer can cause lots of problems when working in an office, it is normally caused by a software or network fault so the fastest way to solves this is to contact your IT department or network/software providers as they will be able to diagnose the problem, understand what is causing it so therefore result in them getting it repaired as soon as they possibly can. Computers running slowly may occur regularly in an office as there are vast amounts of people all logged onto the same provider. Also it could be caused by having too many files saved onto your computer or your computer needing an update, by contacting your IT department they will be able to check your computer and diagnose the problem and be able to fix it. The sooner you contact IT the sooner the problem can be solved.

Computers sometime turn themselves off this is usually caused from over heating which could happen when using a computer for long periods of time this is normally caused from the inside of the computer tower containing dust and will just need cleaning this can be done by yourself or someone from your IT department if you don’t feel comfortable doing it. Also it could be caused by a faulty connection from the wires to your computer so just checking that they are correctly inserted into to the computer could help the situation. If your computer continues to shut down by itself contact IT and they will be able to sort the problem out and the fix the computer.

Sometime you may need to print pages straight from the internet, if your computer doesn’t allow you to print from the internet you will have to ensure that you have temporarily allowed pop-ups or the print box will not pop up to allow you to select your printing options, however once you have finished printing from the internet it is best to turn on your pop-up blocker to help prevent any viruses, you also need to ensure that the pages you are trying to print aren’t password protected. If you require the password you may have to get in touch with the creator of the online document and ask them for assistance as you or your work place can only print the documents if you hold copyrights to the document.

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